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Original Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet (Global Version)

63.72 USD

Mi smart band 4

Smart bracelet full color screen and heart rate monitor

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet is one of the most advanced types, as it features many features, including keeping the body fit and displaying important information about your health on a daily basis, and it also features a multi-colored screen.

♥ Product Introduction:

The Xiaomi bracelet is a smart watch that motivates the individual to do sports and maintains the fitness of your body, as it monitors the daily activity of the individual, and it is water-resistant to a depth of up to 50 meters, compatible with Android and IOS systems wonderfully.

♥ AMOLED full color touch screen

39.9% bigger and brighter screen

View calls, texts, app notifications, and music

Wider and more colorful information display on your wrist

♥ Track sports and swimming

xiaomi bracelet water resistant up to 50m

3-axis accelerometer

3-axis direction finder


♥ Health Monitor

Mi Fit app to record your health data

24/7 heart rate monitoring Monitor and maintain your health.

Alerts you when your heart rate is too high.

Reminders to get up and move to keep you active

♥ Sleep Monitor

Improve your daily energy by understanding your sleep pattern

It accurately tracks your light and deep sleep pattern as well as your sleep heart rate to help you adjust your sleep pattern.

♥ Alarm

Reminders of appointments and gently wakes you from sleep

Functions of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet

√ Health functions All-day heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, idle alerts

√ Sports functions Pedometer, distance and calories burned when jogging, walking, swimming and cycling

√ Other functions: Alarm, proximity sensor, customizable clock, stopwatch and timer, lock screen, call and message notifications

Calendar notifications, apps, weather forecast, phone search and music control


♦ Weight: 22.1g

♦ Screen Size: 0.95

♦ Resolution: 120x240 RGB

♦ Color Depth: 24bit

♦ Screen brightness: up to 400 (maximum brightness) adjustable

♦ Screen protection: Anti-fingerprint coating

♦ Presence of a button: one-touch button (wake up, back)

♦ Bluetooth version: Bt5.0 BLE.

♦ Water resistance rating: up to 5 metres.

♦ Band width: 18mm

♦ Total bracelet length: 247 mm

♦ Adjustable band up to 155-216mm

♦ Possibility to remove the bracelet: Yes

♦ Band Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane

RAM: 512KB


♦ Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope

PPG heart rate sensor; capacitive proximity sensor

♦ Charging time: less than or up to two hours

♦ Standby time: about 20 days (working time depends on the method of use).

♦ System requirements: Android 4.4 and iOS 0.9 or above

♦ Battery type: Lithium polymer battery

♦ Battery capacity: 135 mAh

♥ Product Features of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet:

This smart bracelet features a full color screen.

  • It is characterized by calculating the heart rate.
  • The Xiaomi bracelet is characterized by the fact that it has a large screen compared to other types, and it also has a higher brightness ratio.
  • The bracelet is distinguished by the ability to make adjustments to it up to 155 / 216 millimeters
  • The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet has the ability to detach the band
  • It shows all your calls, shows all notifications for your apps and plays music
  • It is water resistant to a depth of up to 50 meters under water.
  • It has a 3-axis directional instrument
  • It is characterized by the presence of the Fit Me application, which records all your health information.
  • It has an alert feature in the event of a fast and high heart rate.
  • It has a reminder feature when you get up or move in order to maintain your health and fitness.
  • It improves your sleep pattern on a daily basis, and it has an alarm to wake up
  • It calculates all the calories burned in the body as a result of doing various activities.
  • Supports the Arabic language, after it was updated on 20/12/2019.
  • It displays the date, weather degrees, and records the distances.
  • It is characterized by being resistant to rain and all different weather changes

♥ Package Contents:

1 * bracelet

1 * User Manual

1 * charging cable

♥ Package details:

Unit Type: piece

Case weight: 0.11 kg

Case size: 13cm * 10cm * 9cm

♥ Product Warnings Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet:

You should not press any key underwater.

  • It cannot be worn while swimming.
  • You can not wear it during underwater operations, so as to keep it for a longer time.

♥ How to use:

It must be connected to the charger when using it for the first time.

  • You must ensure that the charger is well connected during the charging process.
  • If the battery runs out, it must be charged before activating it.
  • Please read the user manual carefully before use.

♥ In the end, we can say that the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet is a wonderful and distinguished, with many features, which make it always at the forefront, which works on the convenience of all individuals.

63.72 USD
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