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Original xiaomi 10 liter shoulder bag, soft and light

18.36 USD

xiaomi original 10 liter shoulder bag

An original shoulder bag from Xiaomi, with a capacity of 10 liters, is one of the most necessary and indispensable purposes, as many are looking for a bag with durable materials and a large capacity to keep and organize the items inside, during going out and trips, so I compete with the supply companies in designing durable and easy-to-use bags as available Various sizes and multiple colors to suit everyone, and hold the largest number of essentials.

Definition of original xiaomi shoulder bag 10 liters

Original Xiaomi Shoulder Bag 10 Liter A distinctive piece of documents and personal belongings necessary during outdoors, camping trips or sports, the bag is made of high-quality and durable polyester, and is easy to clean and resistant to cracks and tears, the bag contains a large pocket that accommodates papers The bag is also equipped with a front pocket, and two side pockets for storing water bottles or tissues and a phone, and the bag is equipped with padded arms to carry it on the shoulder or the back, and the bag is closed with a durable and distinctive zipper, and it also has a small top handle that allows you to hold it by hand.

Information and specifications of the original shoulder bag from Xiaomi, 10 liters

There are many specifications of the bag to suit all use, as it is characterized by the following:

  • Material: Made of durable and high quality materials, a blend of polyester fibres.
  • Color: The bag is available in several distinct colors, which are yellow, blue, black, red, light green, orange and pink.
  • Capacity : The bag has a large internal capacity that can hold a laptop and papers, as well as three external pockets that increase its capacity.
  • Closure: Durable double zipper.
  • Size: Medium Suitable for multiple uses in travel, study or sports.
  • Type : Original xiaomi 10 liter shoulder bag.
  • Weight: Lightweight, not more than 170 grams.
  • Length: Medium, suitable for all sizes.
  • Design: Stylish modern design that goes with all outfits and outfits.

Original Xiaomi 10L shoulder bag components

The bag consists of several parts:

  • A large-capacity, well-padded interior pocket holds many items and closes with a pair of sturdy zippers.
  • Three outer pockets on one side accommodate the phone and small items.
  • Two padded rear arms along the bag for easy carrying on the back or shoulder.
  • Small upper handle to hold the bag with both hands.

bag features 

The original Xiaomi shoulder bag 10 liters has the following features:

  • The bag is made of high quality and flexible polyester materials to suit different uses and allows easy cleaning
  • The bag has a large capacity, which ensures the collection of a large number of items, making it suitable for travel and trips.
  • The bag is available in modern, cheerful colors that match all tastes and all colors of clothing, giving its owner a distinctive and elegant look
  • The bag is equipped with a high-strength double zipper to seal it and prevent items from falling out
  • Despite the durability of its materials, the bag is characterized by its light weight, which gives a feeling of comfort while carrying it
  • The bag is characterized by its color stability and unaffected by the sun or various weather factors, which affects the life of the bag

Benefits of an original xiaomi 10 liter shoulder bag

  • It can be used to store personal items while traveling or going for a workout.
  • Easy to carry and clean which makes it long lasting.
  • Multiple pockets make it easy to put things in and take them off easily.
  • It allows storing papers and smart devices such as laptops and tablets in complete safety because it is lined from the inside.
  • It can also be used for study or scouting trips.

How to use

An original xiaomi 10 liter shoulder bag must be maintained and used properly in order for it to last long by

  • Avoid washing it with chemical detergents such as chlorine so as not to affect the colors of the bag
  • Do not fill the bag more than its capacity so that the zipper does not become damaged or torn.

18.36 USD
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