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New modern design traditional diamond luxury smart watch for women

40.50 USD

Women's smart watch studded with traditional diamonds

A smart watch for women studded with traditional diamonds. It is one of the pieces of jewelry that increases the elegance of women, and gives them a modern and distinctive look. The brands of women’s watches vary and vary in their designs and colors, to suit different fashions and occasions. There are watches for evening and occasions, and there are sports watches, as well as There are types that can be worn at different times, and are suitable for all occasions.

Definition of a women's smart watch studded with traditional diamonds

A smart wrist watch for women studded with traditional diamonds is made with a thin design and a distinctive shape that can be worn at all times. The watch is made of stainless steel material to give it more durability and endurance. The watch is characterized by modern, thin colors that go with various fashions and colors. It is also equipped with a thin and distinctive two-color metal frame. Gold and silver are distinguished, and it can also be replaced with two leather frames for those who prefer to wear leather watches, which allows for more diversity and renewal. And check on the health of the body in various situations and situations.

Information and specifications of a women's smart watch studded with traditional diamonds

A smart watch for women studded with traditional diamonds combines many features that make it suitable for multiple use at all times, whether in the day or evening, as

  • The watch features a durable metal case with a bezel studded with delicate lobes and sparkling white diamonds, which increases the elegance and beauty of the watch.
  • The design of the watch allows it to be used with soiree clothes or as a gift for weddings, birthdays, or with network sets.
  • The multi-colored frame of the watch makes it suitable for all colors of clothing and fashion.
  • The watch features a high-precision digital movement, which gives it confidence in determining the time and sufficient information about the state of the pulse and body temperature, which helps the watch owner to monitor the body during exercise.
  • The watch is resistant to water and rust, which allows it to be used while swimming and diving.

Components of a women's smart watch studded with traditional diamonds

The watch consists of several main components:

  • From a digital box with a durable screen that contains digital indicators that express time, pulse, body temperature and mobile phone notifications
  • The case is surrounded by a distinctive metal frame decorated with sparkling diamonds, giving it an attractive and charming look.
  • The watch is provided with an elegant metal frame of high quality and durable material. It is also characterized by its multiple colors and the possibility of replacing it with durable pink or white silicone frames, to suit daytime outings or casual wear.
  • The watch is closed with a hook clasp to increase the safety of the watch and prevent it from slipping.
  • The dial, gears and internal clock teeth are made of high-quality stainless-steel materials from the finest steel and ceramics.

Watch features

A smart wrist watch for women studded with traditional diamonds has many specifications that make it the most suitable for anyone who wants an attractive female look, suitable for all ages and times, and these features are:

  • Dial Shape: Round with sparkling lobes
  • The indicator is digital in white color
  • Bracelet : stainless steel metal
  • Band Color: Silver, Metallic Gold, White, Rose Silicon
  • Movement: digital.
  • Watch Length : Approx 200 mm.
  • Disc diameter : up to 37 mm.
  • the weight Reaches : to about 90 g.

Benefits of the watch 

The watch offers many benefits that anyone is looking for

  • The ability to identify the time with extreme accuracy and update it automatically
  • The watch works for long periods of time due to its large battery capacity.
  • Allows the ability to know the pulse rate and human temperature, which allows it to be worn during exercise
  • The watch is equipped with a digital camera that enables you to take family photos at any time.
  • It can be set to receive mobile phone notifications while not carrying it.
  • The watch has the ability to track, because it has a GPS feature
  • The traditional diamond studded women's watch features an elegant and attractive design with different colors, allowing you to change the look of the watch to suit all occasions and clothes, avoiding the need to use many watches, as it is a comprehensive and elegant watch.

How to use

The watch works with touch screen technology and also provides compatibility and work with Android and IOS applications, making it more accurate and efficient.

40.50 USD
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