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Neck pain improvement device for comfortable sleep in the office, plane and any place that works with blowing

21.33 USD

Neck Pain Treatment with Good Posture: A pillow supports your neck, while lifting your jawbone upward. This helps achieve optimal spinal alignment, relieving tension on your nerves and relaxing your muscles. With regular use of the device, it is best used for people suffering from neck, spine and shoulder pain and to relieve spasm.

The inflatable neck device is developed for neck straightening procedures with the device inflating pump in minutes. Neck lift or shoulder lift? Are you unable to enjoy your life comfortably because of it? to get an answer for you. The device helps improve posture and provides effective relief to your nerves when you start using the device.

Lightweight neck pillow, perfect size after folded, fits in your bag, you can carry it anywhere and when you travel, give you effective comfort in time.

√ The neck pillow is easily adjustable so you can control the amount of air for a comfortable spinal stretch to relax your neck and shoulders.


♦ Full Velvet Fabric

♦ 4 layers

♦ metal valve

easy to use

√ Hand pump to inflate the neck device

√ Air Leak Control Clip

√ Metal valve for extra control

♥ The device is one of the factors helping to improve the position of the neck and its straightness with the spine, you can control it by the pump that comes with the device to inflate the device with air until you feel that you are in the ideal position. Control is to reduce the air pressure inside the device, use the device for those who suffer from acute pain in the neck so that they can adapt to daily activities.

21.33 USD
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