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Nail cleaning machine for kids

22.64 USD

Nail cleaning machine for kids

Baby nail scissors are safe for newborns, gentle on their nails and fingers, and easy for the mother to use for her child without worry and safety.

Machine identification

The baby nail clipper is a simple machine made to take care of the baby's personal hygiene. It is safe and effective. It has a space between the frame and the blade, which makes it safer for baby's nails and delicate skin. It does not harm baby's delicate skin, and helps ensure that his nails are trimmed for long periods.

Specifications of baby nail cleaning machine

Now, after using the definition of the nail cleaning machine for children, trimming the nails of the little ones has become a fun thing and does not cause the mother and the child to worry. Safely, it does not cause discomfort to the child and can be used by adults as well, and the trimming process is done effectively in a short time, and adults can shape their nails as desired.

Machine Features

The nail cleaning machine for children has several characteristics, which made many accept it without hesitation, and among these features are the following:

  • Lightweight and can be carried anywhere.
  • It is powered by an advanced motor, which is powerful and does not make any noise.
  • It can be used by the baby while he is sleeping without disturbance.
  • Safe on baby's nails and delicate skin and does not cause any harm
  • Made of high quality materials, elegant and sophisticated design and multi-colored
  • It can be used for adults and nails can be shaped as desired by the user.
  • It has a high-quality high-tech nano-ceramic blade.

Benefits of a nail clipper for kids

The machine is a high-end and advanced performance that helps mothers to trim the nails of infants and young children without any disturbance to the little one. It has nearly 300 ridges in the form of a pyramid structure and can be applied to the nails in a great way to preserve the nails of the child, and its manufacture helps to trim the entire angle curve surface of the nail without any worries .

Components of a baby nail trimmer

The nail machine comes with a number of spare parts that are replaced according to the age of the child, as follows:

  • The blue piece is allocated from the age of one to 3 months for the child.
  • The yellow piece from the age of 4 months to 11 months.
  • The bank widget is dedicated to a child older than 11 months.

There are also bits to remove dead skin, which are gentle on the skin and do not cause any harm, and there is a part for trimming and smoothing nails, and all the pieces are easy to use.

How to use

The mother can use the machine to clean the baby’s nails while he is sleeping, so it does not cause noise or discomfort, just choose the appropriate part for the child’s age and install it in the device, then press the start button and start working within a few seconds, the baby’s nails are trimmed safely.

22.64 USD
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