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Multifunctional women's backpack

49.68 USD

Bag appeared Women 's leather backpack designed from high - quality leather exquisite elegant attractive for girls and ladies very comfortable fit all small purposes.

Features of a women's backpack

  • This women's backpack is made of high quality leather, soft and strong, the inner lining is soft cotton.
  • Design of a backpack is different from other women these bags, the main cloud bag in the back and is a solid, making it easier to open the bag which makes the bag very convenient and quick back use.
  • Available colors, black, beige, you can choose your favorite color, and each backpack is equipped with a long shoulder strap. If your backpack does not have a shoulder strap, with this long shoulder strap, it can be converted from a backpack to a shoulder bag, stylish and practical.

Uses of a women's backpack

  • Women's backpack has a front zipper pocket and two side pockets, and a main bag so the capacity is large enough. To put your mobile phone and other personal items like wallet, umbrella, glasses case, cosmetics etc. . Great gift for girls, women and ladies.
  • Women's Backpack follows the "fashion and simplicity" style as the direction, we use high-quality materials and meticulous detail design, integrating uncompromising style and technology into every product.

customer reviews

  • First opinion: My baby is too big for me to use a bulky diaper bag. But my preschooler still needs to travel with the necessities - a change of clothes, snacks, my stuff, and his random toys and games. Too much for my small bag and too little for my diaper bag. That's perfect. I can carry him on my back so that my arms are free to hold his hand, hold him when needed, or carry him when he sleeps. Not sure I'll ever go back to the traditional wallet. This is very elegant and useful.
  • Second opinion: I love this bag. My friend ordered it for me on Valentine's Day. Its texture is very soft and has a beautiful color even though it is black

common questions

  • What is the weight of the empty bag

Answer: It is very light in weight

49.68 USD
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