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Multifunctional Water Resistant Crossdresser Shoulder Bag

28.35 USD

Crossdresser shoulder bag

The Crossdress Shoulder Bag represents the latest fashion in women's handbags, as many of them seek to search for an elegant modern bag that can carry her light and indispensable items and be of a small size in line with her attractive modern look, so this bag represents the ideal practical style for any girl looking for Elegance and quality at the same time.

Definition of a shoulder bag crossdress

The Crossdress shoulder bag, with its delicate design, is the best choice for a practical woman looking for good taste and durability. The bag is made of high-quality and durable nylon to suit thin women's use. It is also equipped with several different pockets, including the front and the interior to carry light items such as cash, phone, some papers or personal wallet in order and arrangement. The bag has a tight closure of the pockets by means of durable zippers, and one of the most important features of the bag is the presence of a long arm that can be controlled in its length for carrying on the shoulder, or the link around the upper arm to give women more diversity and difference.

Crossdresser shoulder bag information and specifications

The shoulder bag has the following specifications:

  • Size : The bag has a small size suitable for quick outings, about 9 x 5 x 15 cm
  • Weight : Lightweight, easy to carry on the shoulder
  • Color : The bag is available in black, purple, rose red and blue colors
  • Type : Shoulder Crossdress Bag
  • Closing system : close with durable zippers
  • Number of pockets : four front pockets and two inside pockets
  • Strap : long, adjustable.

Features of the Crossdress Shoulder Bag

The Crossdress shoulder bag has many features that make girls accept to buy it and include it in their basic purposes, including:

  • The bag is made of the best high-quality and durable nylon fabric, which extends its life.
  • The design of the bag makes it suitable for use at all times, whether day or night.
  • The bag is equipped with small front pockets in which keys or coins can be kept completely secure
  • It also contains two inner pockets that can be stored in a phone or tablet with ease, and some small makeup tools or tissues can be placed
  • The bag takes attractive colors that match casual clothes and add more joy and joy.
  • The bag is equipped with a sturdy arm that can be adjusted in length as desired for added renewal and change.
  • The bag is light in weight, which makes it convenient to use
  • The bag is equipped with several sturdy and easy-to-use zip closures to provide complete security.
  • The materials the bag is made of are easy to clean and colorfast.

Crossdresser Bag Components

The bag consists of:

  • A pair of front pockets can be closed with a durable zipper.
  • A pair of inner pockets, the largest capacity to keep the phone and some luxuries and women's items
  • Long strap adjustable in length to fit all outfits
  • Durable zippers to seal pockets.

bag benefits 

The uses and benefits of the bag vary, and among these benefits are the following:

  • The small size of the bag and the elegance of its colors allow it to be used during quick outings, in the club or parties.
  • It is used to store light women's items such as makeup tools, perfumes, some keys and the phone, and easy to organize them inside
  • It can be used to go to university or work.
  • It can be wrapped around the upper arm when going to exercise due to its light weight.

How to use

When using the Crossdress Shoulder Bag, follow the instructions below

  • Do not use bleach and chlorine to clean the bag, so as not to affect its quality or colors
  • Avoid leaving the bag within the reach of children, so as not to damage the fasteners.
  • It is enough to clean the bag with water and detergent to keep it new and durable.
  • Do not leave the bag exposed to the sun for long periods, so that its colors do not fade or its tissues are affected by the burning sun or dust.

28.35 USD
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