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Multifunctional wallet to hold phone, cards and cash

13.23 USD 21.87 USD

A women's wallet with many functions. It is a wallet with many pockets and internal divisions that enable you to separate all things from each other. It is rectangular in shape, of suitable size, elegant and attractive colors.

Features of a women's wallet

  • It has a large capacity, with built-in multiple card slots and one phone pocket
  • Women's wallet with a strong zipper that is easy to open and close, keeps your cash and card safe
  • Multifunctional with medium size and large capacity that enables you to put a lot of things in it and the wallet is rectangular in shape so that it is comfortable to hold in the hand.
  • The wallet is light in weight and can be easily carried anywhere
  • The interior design of a women's wallet is divided from the inside into a lot of divisions and internal pockets, where there are many internal pockets for cards built into one pocket, and there is one pocket dedicated to placing a mobile phone.
  • The exterior design of a women's wallet is characterized by its beautiful and attractive feminine shape, as it has a wonderful appearance, as it has a simple design and has no inscriptions and has a golden color accessory.
  • A women's wallet is available in many colors. It is available in ten different colors to be suitable for all different tastes. The available colors are (beige, red, watermelon red, black, light purple, dark purple, pink, light pink, sky blue, rose)
  • The wallet is made of durable material it is made of PU leather, super durable.

Women's wallet uses

  • A women's wallet is necessary even in the case of carrying a bag, as it helps to put important things in it, such as a smartphone, cards and cash. It is also very suitable for carrying without a bag because of its small size and ease of carrying.
  • An ideal women's wallet that can make a great gift.

customer reviews

  • First opinion: A great wallet of high quality that combines quality and beauty. I put my phone, cash and cards in it, easy to use.
  • Second opinion: A good wallet, I liked it very much. I put it in my bag or carry it in my hand. It is beautiful and attractive.

common questions

What material is the wallet made of?

Made of high quality leather

13.23 USD 21.87 USD
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