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Multifunctional Shelving Organizer

58.05 USD

Multifunctional Shelving Organizer

The multifunctional shelf organizer provides additional spaces for storing various kitchen items such as spice packets, etc. in an elegant and elegant manner, and can be placed inside kitchen cabinets, reducing the presence of kitchen clutter.

Definition of Multifunctional Shelving Organizer

The multi-functional shelving organizer contains many spaces for storing all your kitchen items, and it consists of two floors, and it is double retractable and at the same time rotating, you will not worry anymore, you will get spice cans, ketchup and oil bottles easily without the hassle of searching, and it comes with a beautiful design And elegant, which increases the beauty and elegance of the kitchen cabinets, and you can use several pieces of shelving organizer, in using it, order will be available in the kitchen and you will get rid of clutter.

Specifications about the product

The multifunctional rotating shelves organizer provides multiple spaces for storing all your kitchen necessities, it comes in a suitable size for kitchen cabinets and is made of high-quality plastic, which is non-toxic and harmless to health, and can put a large number of bottles that may lead to a lot of clutter and disorder on the surface Kitchen cabinets, shelf help provide organized storage that collects a lot of items.

  • With a width of just 10 cm, it does not take up much space, which allows for a suitable number of shelves, and its size helps in accommodating a lot of things.
  • It can store wide bottles unlike many other storage shelves, and the advanced swivel design makes it easy to get bottles and keeps things tidy and tidy.
  • Size: HxWxL; 27.5 x 10 x 28 cm

Features of Multifunctional Shelving Organizer

The multifunctional shelving organizer comes with many features that distinguish it from other kitchen organizers and cupboards, and the most important of these features are the following:

  • The organizer has a distinctive and unique design that can rotate and move horizontally, making it easy to get the purpose.
  • The shelf organizer is easy to use.
  • It comes in perfect dimensions to fit all purposes and all kitchen cabinets.
  • The rack is perfect and makes a great organizer for kitchen spice cans.
  • It can be used in wooden kitchen cabinets or can be hung in the kitchen, or can be placed on the kitchen slab.
  • Reduces clutter in the kitchen and increases the order of things.
  • Made of high quality environmentally friendly plastic.

Multifunctional Shelving Organizer Components

The shelf organizer comes in a white color, consisting of a unit with dimensions of 28 * 27.50 * 10 cm, and it consists of two double floors, horizontally movable and also rotatable, which enables you to get the things easily in an orderly manner and keeps bottles and spice boxes organized.

How to use the shelving unit

Using the new shelving unit is very easy just the attached handle is lifted and then pulled out horizontally and can be rotated easily for easy access to your organisers.

Its distinctive and innovative design enables it to be used by hanging it and it is easy to remove. It is also available to be placed on glass surfaces or tiles, so it is multi-use.

Package includes: 1 x Storage Rack

58.05 USD
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