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Multifunctional men's wallet

19.28 USD

Men's wallet

A men’s wallet is a distinctive and suitable gift for any man who cares about elegance and distinction, as women are interested in choosing bags to put their multiple purposes and accessories to get an attractive appearance, we find what men carry most are papers, cards and credit cards, so the wallet is an ideal way to save and arrange those purposes, and give The wallet on the man is a kind of attractiveness and brilliance, so many men are keen on acquiring wallets of quality, durability and distinctive shape.

Men's wallet shape

Come men's wallet With a distinctive design that suits all tastes, a small size that suits the daily use of men, and a simple shape that adds more elegance and luxury. The wallet contains several pockets for placing credit cards, cards and small papers. It also has a pocket suitable for keeping paper money. The wallet is provided with a durable zipper to control the closure of the wallet tightly and protect the money The wallet is made of high quality materials, durability and luxury in shape.

Product Description

  • Product name: men's wallet
  • Country of Manufacture: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Weight: The wallet is light in weight
  • Color: The wallet is available in two colors, black and light brown to match all colors
  • Brand: Saudi
  • Size: The wallet takes a small size that fits in the pocket and prevents it from slipping out of the pocket while wearing

Features of men's wallet 

Is characterized by A men's wallet with many specifications that attracts many men to buy it from these features:

  • The wallet is made in sizes to fit all types of pockets
  • The wallet is available in two different colors that suit all colors of clothes, black and brown
  • The wallet has many multi-use slots and fits a large number of visas and credit cards up to 12 cards
  • It has a place dedicated to keeping personal identification
  • Its thickness is small, which overcomes the problem of bulging pockets when placing the wallet in it, and the problem of slipping out of the pocket.
  • It has a pocket for coins
  • Lined from the inside with a durable fabric fabric to prevent paper sticking, easy entry and removal from the wallet
  • The wallet is designed from high quality materials that ensure high luxury and durability that is suitable for everyday use.
  • The wallet has a feature that ensures security and protection from digital thefts.
  • The wallet allows you to fold papers and bills three times.
  • The wallet is available at an affordable price
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty period for the wallet from the day of purchase and covers daily use.
  • The wallet's small size and thickness allow it to fit in the front pocket of a trouser or a suit without causing the pocket to bulge.

The material the men's wallet is made of

The wallet for men is made of high quality materials to ensure durability and endurance for continuous use and different weather conditions, and it has a thin fabric lined on the inside to keep papers and cards intact without damage.

  • Design : An elegant and distinctive design that suits the modern look of the man and suits all tastes and gives the man the possibility of arranging and collecting a large number of cards and cards in a small, tidy space.

Usage Tips

To keep a men's wallet for a long time, the following instructions must be followed

  • Avoid leaving it exposed to dust, which gives it an unpleasant appearance
  • Keep it from exposure to water or chemicals so that it does not change color or expose to cracking and cutting.
  • Avoid filling them with leaves, which will make them puffy, give them a bad appearance, cut them, or damage the zipper.
  • Leather polish can be used to polish the leather wallet and give it an attractive look to look new

19.28 USD
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