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Multifunctional magnetic car phone holder

12.42 USD

The magnetic mobile holder for the car is in the form of a small magnetic strip to securely hold your phone in the car and for wall mounting as well. It is very practical and convenient.

Features of magnetic mobile holder

  • Strong magnetism is irreversible, 60 times stronger magnetic attraction
  • Close the magnetic field without affecting the mobile phone signal
  • The magnetic mobile holder is small and easy to place without leaving traces

Uses of magnetic mobile holder

  • Able to use for many purposes. Use it to securely hold your phone, keys, or any metal object anywhere in your car, kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom, study room, or any flat areas on the wall.
  • POWERFUL MAGNETS - 8 industrial strength magnets built in, this magnetic phone holder will hold your phones securely, to help keep your devices in place. This phone holder is easy to stick on your car and walls, which can hold all your smart phones and mini tablet pc safely.
  • STYLISH DESIGN OF CAR MOUNT - The magnetic mobile mount is ultra-smooth and is ideal for use in the car. The magnetic car mount mount will not block the air vent or dirty the dashboard or windshield of the car. Its elegant aluminum alloy body complements the car's interior design, making it a unique decoration for your driving.

customer reviews

  • First opinion: I've been looking for a phone holder in my car for a while. I tried using vented magnetic mounts before ordering this product. Unfortunately, they will quickly break and/or fall off when hitting bumps or spinning but this . The magnetic stand is very strong and holds my phone without any problems
  • Second opinion: This rectangular magnetic mobile holder is the perfect size. It holds all the metal things I want and is very suitable for the phone holder.

common questions

  • Does this magnetic phone holder stay on dashboard in hot weather?

Yes, buy with confidence.

  • Can the magnetic sticker be placed on the phone cover and not directly on the phone?

Yes, but it's too big for the casing, we don't suggest doing that. This flat magnet is used to stick to your car or other place, then put it on your phone, not stick it on the phone case or the phone itself.

12.42 USD
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