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Multifunctional leather car storage bag

12.69 USD

Multifunctional leather car storage bag

We find bags everywhere around us. We naturally use bags for everything. Organizing our tools. Storing our travel needs to carry our daily things when going to work. There is a kind of organized bags that help you organize the atmosphere around you and not make a big mess, and one of these bags is a leather bag for cars For multi-functional storage, this is not the only bag we always have in the car, there are bags in the trunk of the car for the necessary equipment, but this bag is for organizing the front of the car.

The benefit of the leather car organizer bag:

The car organizer leather bag is necessary in every car because of the car’s organizing role, so we can collect all our things that we put on the car dashboard in it and give an aesthetic and organized look to the car.

We can also put our small personal items in it such as our personal card, driving licence.

You can put your mobile phone inside it when you are talking while driving the car and open the loudspeaker in the necessary cases because it is forbidden to use the phone while driving, and the phone can be placed in this bag while using the GPS service.

We can accommodate our children's small needs if you take your child with you, such as sweets of a small size.

Simple description of the leather car bag:

It is a medium-sized bag that we can use in several ways, and it is in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped in length and made of luxurious leather with a soft feel, many colors and elegant, suitable for cars, and the leather of the bag is divided into squares that give the bag a beautiful and eye-catching shape, and it is open from the top for easy placement of things It is effortless and quickly, and it has a clip and it has a ring at the top for easy hanging in the car from the front.

Features of the Leather Car Organizer Bag:

The bag has several advantages that make it the perfect choice for you to use in your cars for organizing and arranging, including:

Design of the bag: The bag is beautifully designed and suitable for cars in terms of size. It is medium in size and its size is suitable for placing it when the car is dashboard and will not take up much space, either in terms of shape, so it is designed in a simple and beautiful way that matches the designs of cars from the inside and the way its leather is designed and made in the form of squares added It has luster and elegance.

♦ The quality of the bag: The bag is made of the highest quality, where the leather from which the bag is made is of high quality, smooth and beautiful texture, and does not crack, change color or texture. As for the structure of the bag, it is designed to be a solid structure that does not change its shape with use and maintains the shape of the hollow cuboid, and the workmanship of the ring From which the bag is suspended from strong acetylcholine.

Colors of the bag: The most distinctive feature of the bag is its colors. It was manufactured in very beautiful colors that we will not find often, and bright colors with an elegant leather gloss that suit all cars, and among these colors is the elegant camel color, which is one of the fashion trends, and the light beige and blue-gray colors are among the thinnest Available colours, black with its usual chic look.

♦ The size of the bag: It is of medium size and its dimensions are as follows: its width is 8.5 cm, its side width is 5 cm, and its height is 10 cm.

There are a lot of car organizer bags, they are open and with a cover to lock them, and you can choose what you want and suitable for your taste and needs, but its presence will be useful to put your needs and be at hand with an organized and tidy shape while driving.

12.69 USD
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