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multifunctional handbag

100.98 USD

A multi-use handbag with a lot of pockets and internal divisions that enable you to put a lot of various things in an organized and tidy way, and its shape is elegant, and there are several colors.

The multi-use handbag is a bag with a lot of internal divisions and a suitable size that enables you to put a lot of special items inside and in a neat way:

✨ The size of the bag: The bag is large in size, as it can accommodate many different things inside it in an orderly and organized manner.

✨ The weight of the bag: The bag is light in weight so that it is easy to carry and move around with it.

✨ The bag from the inside: The multi-use handbag has a lot of pockets and internal divisions from the inside that enable you to organize your things inside, it has a place dedicated to putting the phone and a place to put makeup brushes or work pens and there is a large space divided into two large pockets To put the rest of the items and there are two secret pockets in order to put the money and the items you fear being stolen in them

✨ The design of the bag from the outside: The bag from the outside has a simple and elegant design, there are no graphics and no accessories, it is characterized by its simple and thin shape and has two hands and a shoulder strap for easy carrying of the bag.

✨ The colors of the bag: More than one color is available from the multi-use handbag, as it is available in five colors, which are yellow, blue, black, green, and light rose.

✨ The materials from which the bag is made: The bag is made of high quality materials.

There are many uses available for this multi-use handbag such as:

  • Use the bag to organize your makeup tools.
  • Putting work or study purposes such as papers, pens and important things.
  • On trips, the bag enables you to put a lot of things inside, in addition to putting all your essentials.

100.98 USD
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