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Multifunctional fashion shoulder and hand bag

98.69 USD

If you are looking for a complete and distinctive look with a great look, of course a fashion handbag and shoulder bag will be the right bag for you,

Provides you to appear in a modern and wonderful way, and this is because this distinctive bag contains a set of specifications that make it the top of the lists of ideal bags

It is the bag that adds to your look a modern and attractive touch, in addition to that you can wear it at many times, with your different clothes.

This type of bag, which you can use in more than one way, is one of the many advantages of this wonderful bag.

A fashion handbag and shoulder bag is an ideal bag for daily use in many different situations and occasions, on a daily and permanent basis

It also suits many women and girls who are looking for a practical bag with a classic and sophisticated feel.

This fashion bag comes in one of the spring colors that all women love, which is a combination of pink and burgundy, which allows you to wear it with a lot of clothes

● The materials that were used in making this piece were of high quality, which made it highly durable.

● The size of the bag is very suitable for all ages of women, which makes it able to accommodate a larger amount of different things, it comes in a size of 29 cm x 11.5 cm x 35 cm

● It contains several separate internal and external pockets, including small secret pockets, including large pockets to contain your many things

● The bag is practical with a special classic character.

One of the best and most important features of the bag is that it is multi-functional, which is the optimum feature that makes this bag constantly compete with other popular women’s bags, so you will get many advantages and many uses through this bag that will definitely benefit you:

  • You can use this bag over long periods of time, that is, in studying or spending your daily chores.
  • You can use it on many special occasions, different evenings and different travel times to put a set of important papers in it, as it is large in size, and it will help you a lot.
  • You can use it on quick trips because it is simple and has a classic, beautiful and calm feel.

98.69 USD
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