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Multi-use insulated lunch bag

18.09 USD

Material properties:

Weight 86 g

Black Color

Size 32 * 32 * 20cm / 12.6 * 12.6 * 7.9in


80g environmental protection

Fabric + insulation + aluminum film



1. Portable food warmer

2. Hand-held design, strong load capacity

3. Big side width, wide bottom, big size

4. It can be used for supermarket shopping

5. Insulated Reusable Food Warmer Bag

6. High quality environmental protection materials

7. The inner layer is a reflective layer of aluminum foil covered with pearl cotton, providing good heat insulation effect

8. Multi-purpose cold, heat preservation, fresh keeping, easy to carry, suitable for driving, vacation outing, family outings

18.09 USD
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