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Mobile holder for car and bike

33.21 USD

Mobile holder for car and bike

Many car and bicycle users face a problem in carrying their phones while driving because this disables them from driving properly, and sometimes exposes them to legal accountability. This is why they are looking for a solution, so we find that a mobile holder for the car and bike has solved this problem greatly, as the individual can install his phone in Either of them and uses it without holding it in his hand with ease.

Definition of a mobile holder for the car and bike

The mobile holder for the car and bike is a prosthetic hand that holds or holds the phone when driving the car and the bike. or move out of place.

Basic information and specifications about the phone holder for the car and bike

Those who want to buy a mobile holder for the car and bike want to know all the information about the holder so that they can be reassured. We find that this holder is specifically designed to be used in cars and bikes and does not slip because it has a material in its base that stabilizes it and makes it highly bearable for movements and shocks, all because of the presence of a cushion made of The silicone material inside the base of the holder protects it from slipping and thus does not affect the phone, and the user can install it at any angle he wants to be suitable for him.

Components of a mobile phone holder for car and bike

As we all know that the mobile holder for the car and bike consists of several parts that are installed in each other to get in the end the basic shape of the holder used, so these components are as follows:

  • The stand is made of a shiny aluminum material that does not break or wear out quickly.
  • The holder consists of a base that is installed in the designated place and contains a base made of silicone. The benefit of this base is that it makes the holder withstand shocks, and does not make it slip into the phone.
  • In some cases, this holder is accompanied by a sensitive device.
  • It may also be accompanied by a charger, but it is a wireless charger. The phone starts charging directly when it is placed in the holder.
  • Sometimes the piece responsible for securing the mount to the car is the duct tape that comes with it.
  • There are some types of mounts that are equipped with holes for the charger, and also for headphones.
  • This is in addition to other types of stands that have places to put money, as well as put insurance cards, and some pens in it.

Features of mobile holder for car and bike

The mobile holder for the car and bike has a lot of features that made it the first choice for use by car and bike riders, these features are as follows:

  1. The phone holder for the car and bike features that it opens and closes when placing the phone in it automatically and easily.
  2. It is characterized by installing the phone in the bike or in the car in place without moving or causing damage to the phone.
  3. This stand is also light and easy to use, so the user does not find it difficult to install or use it.
  4. It has the advantage that it can be used for selfies as well.
  5. It is characterized by having several different colors, the most famous of which is the silver color, or the golden color.
  6. It features that it charges the phone automatically when the phone is placed directly in it.
  7. It also features that it can be adjusted and rotated in all directions easily.

How to use a mobile holder for the car and bike

A mobile holder for the car and bike is used by installing the holder in the car or bike, and after making sure of the installation, the phone is placed in it and it closes automatically.

33.21 USD
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