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Mobile cover case for iPhone with a pocket box to save the wireless headphones type AirPods 1/ 2

AirPods 1/2

6.75 USD

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Mobile case cover for iPhone with headphone box model AirPods Pro from here

Kafr mobile Yvonne 2 in 1 phone iPhone X and AirPods, rubber pod silicon Kafr mobile Yvonne protective solid shock resistant with protection of wireless headset.

iPhone case features

  • Kafr mobile Yvonne is a protective portfolio for iPhone and AirPods - rear cover of solid silicon with protective caps through a combination of winning patented technologies and design complex, your phone runs through the In -One system is easy to use. Uniform strength and protection for AirPods and iPhone.
  • Cute mini earphone storage case, specially designed for Airpods, easy access to all ports, buttons and cameras without removing them from the case.
  • Better security, new and fun storage options, a multi-faceted solution that delivers simplified device and protection

iPhone case uses

  • EXCELLENT PROTECTION - The slim profile not only feels comfortable in your hands, but also provides a high level of impact protection. Raised edges around the screen provide another layer of protection. Not to mention, the microfiber interior is more of an iPhone cushion against impacts.
  • The silky and smooth feel of the silicone outer surface, and the inner lining pad prevents any abrasion and slipping. But it also offers high-level protection in a simple yet durable design.
  • Material: silicone plastic to protect your headset and phone, keep all your gear with you always and on-demand
  • Lightweight, high-strength design protects your devices like no other. Protect your mobile phone from shock, abrasion, scratch marks, dust, fingerprints and other damages

customer reviews

First opinion: A very cool and excellent case that combines the phone and the headset. Very practical, comfortable and high quality. I also liked it very much

Second opinion: A mobile cover that feels very soft and anti-slip. I liked this idea because it is very practical, and I highly recommend it.

common questions

Is the case heavy?

No. On the contrary, it is light in weight and very high quality. It also protects your devices wonderfully

6.75 USD
One comment

ماجد حسين

1 year ago

سي جدا غير اللي طلبته انا كان طلبي جراب لايفون برو ماكس بسماعات اير بودز برو واللي وصلني منتج اخر وتواصلت مع الدعم الفني بس محد رد


Fratose Store

1 year ago

يفهم منك أن المنتج ممتاز ولكن المشكلة أن الموديل الذي وصلك لا يناسب جهازك
جاري العمل على إرسال نفس الموديل المطلوب مجانا مع الإحتفاظ بالمنتج السابق
وسنزودك بكود خصم بعد الإستلام

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