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Mizums men's quartz watch, water and rust resistant

53.19 USD

Mizums Men's Quartz Watch

Men's quartz wrist watch from mizums is considered one of the most important tools for any man looking for elegance and precision, as it has an attractive modern design that gives the man more luxury and confidence, as the man often likes to have an elegant and distinguished appearance, so his look adds some distinctive accessories such as sunglasses, And the watch, the medal, and other various men's accessories that attract the attention of women and suggest the luxury and uniqueness of the traveler.

Definition of a men's quartz wrist watch from mizums

Mizums men's quartz wrist watch represents a title of accuracy and excellence, as it has a new modern shape of a high-strength stainless steel circular structure, and a durable metal bracelet consisting of interlaced rings, to give the watch a distinctive shape. The watch also works with analog-digital technology for more accuracy in determining the time The watch comes in two colors to suit different colors of clothing, and the watch is characterized by high resistance to water and rust, which makes it the perfect choice for the sporty man. Dual as a digital or regular watch.

Information and specifications of the men's quartz watch from mizums

The watch has a distinctive shape and a distinctive technology in determining the time, as it has:

  • chassis shape: Distinctive circular
  • Body Material: Stainless steel and water
  • watch color: Available in blue, gold, black and silver
  • Movement type: Precision and quality quartz movement
  • Display type: Digital and analog with triple hands
  • bracelet type: durable metal
  • bracelet length: No more than 230 mm
  • Weight : light, easy to use
  • lock: Solid buckle
  • Type: Mizums Men's Quartz Watch
  • Case Diameter: Not to exceed 50 mm
  • Case thickness: up to 15 mm

Features of Mizums Men's Quartz Watch

  • The watch is characterized by highly rigid internal gears, which gives the watch a distinctive quartz movement and high accuracy in determining the time
  • The watch is made in a different design suitable for the modern man. It is also made of high-quality materials that are resistant to water and rust, allowing it to be used while swimming or diving.
  • The watch is characterized by two colors that are very delicate and taste, which makes it suitable for wearing on different colors of clothes and at all times
  • The watch has a suitable size for all hands and is suitable for classic suits and clothes.
  • The watch has a wide and distinctive bracelet that can be easily and smoothly wrapped around the wrist
  • The watch is provided with a directional gradient, which allows the person to easily determine his or her destination.
  • The watch is provided with the finest types of batteries to ensure that the watch will last for long periods of time with the same efficiency.
  • Mizums men's quartz watch comes in a durable and thin case to keep it away from children, and various weather factors that may affect the efficiency of the watch.

clock components 

Mizums men's quartz wrist watch consists of several parts:

  • Durable stainless steel water-resistant and rust-resistant metal case
  • Digital time indicator
  • Inner gears and enamel of high quality materials
  • Dual scale and triple metal hands
  • Side buttons to set the time and control the use of the watch as a stopwatch.
  • Durable metal bracelet with a comfortable and convenient length
  • Durable tight lock.

Benefits of a men's quartz wrist watch from mizums

  • The watch is used to tell the exact time at all times.
  • It is used as an accessory to increase the elegance of the man and attract attention to him.
  • It is used to know the directions through its distinctive gradation.
  • Suitable for use as a gift in marriage and on other occasions.

Usage Tips

It is imperative to maintain a quartz watch for men from mizums and keep it clean of dust, in order for it to last as long as possible.


53.19 USD
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