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mini portable printer for phone

84.45 USD

A mobile phone printer has multiple benefits through which you can print photos and documents on your mobile phone easily and in minutes, as it is characterized by accuracy and efficiency.

Mobile phone printer specifications

  • Thermal monochrome printer.
  • The paper size is small and you can print different invoices and receipts.
  • It has a tray used to put the appropriate paper for its size and is used easily and it is considered one of the inexpensive printers.
  • It is distinguished by its elegant shape, it is exquisite and does not need to be preserved and can be used for travel and trips.

Mobile phone printer features

  • With a mobile phone printer, you can print any image on paper effectively and in just a few minutes.
  • The mobile phone printer is connected to the phone via Bluetooth or a USB slot, and then you choose the image you want to print.
  • This premium mobile phone printer prints about eight pages per minute in high definition and high quality and this printer supports various operating systems.
  • The most important features of this printer is that it is easy to carry from one place to another due to its small size, which makes you can enjoy it in the event of travel, and it is characterized by its quality of performance and durability.

Mobile phone printer uses

  • Using a mobile phone printer is very simple and easy, as all you have to do is connect it to your phone, put the paper in the designated place, and then print everything you want.
  • Its elegant shape is exquisite and does not need to be preserved and can be used for travel and trips.
  • This printer can be used without the presence of ink and is considered one of the inexpensive types.
  • It can be put in a pocket due to its small size, you can carry it on the road or with your companions on the plane.
  • The mobile phone printer contains a power adapter and a battery, and when you buy it, you can take advantage of all the features as it has a Wi-Fi connection and can be used to access your mobile device.
  • It has a USB port and is extremely fast and prints detailed black and white photos.
  • From a mobile phone printer, you can print any document in any application, and you can print from a pdf file and it works on Android phones and tablets.

customer reviews

First opinion: This mobile phone printer is great, I use it whenever I want anywhere, it is easy to use and it is of high quality.

Second opinion: Small in size, I carry it with me anywhere and is inexpensive.

common questions

Is this mobile phone printer durable?

Yes, it is made of high quality materials and is characterized by quality performance and durability.

What is its size and can it be carried easily?

Small in size, it can be carried anywhere with ease.

84.45 USD
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