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mercedes diamond logo

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mercedes diamond logo

Mercedes logo diamond if we talked about the automotive world , we can not complete without mentioning the modern Mercedes cars or Mercedes logo car this is the company from the beginning of its inception , has been able to build their own strong fan base makes it one of the most famous and best - selling cars.

Definition of the Mercedes logo in diamonds

  • Mercedes cars are one of the most important and most important German cars that are present in the car market, especially
  • Because it offers a very large number of different models in order to impress users, and Mercedes is a German company that was founded in 1886 AD and its founders
  • He is the German Karl Benz, and he is the first to invent a car in the world. Mercedes has taken this three-star as its emblem. It denotes three things: the first matter is earth, the second is water, and the third is air.
  • And about the Mercedes logo, many of us may ask what this logo represents or what indicates the Mercedes logo, which is one of the most important and famous brands in the world, especially since it does not contain a brand name like other brands.

The Mercedes logo is a triple star, each part of which refers to the main things on the surface of the earth, which are land, air and water. also.

Information and specifications about the Mercedes diamond logo

Mercedes-Benz The name Mercedes-Benz is partly attributed to two people: the first is Mercedes, the daughter of the first partner who contributed to the founding of the company, Emile Blink, and the second is Benz, named after Karl Benz, who invented the first car in the world.

Diamond Mercedes logo components

The Mercedes logo consists of a simple design in the form of a three-pointed star surrounded by a circle that is mostly silver.

Features of the Mercedes logo in diamonds

  • The Mercedes logo is a very distinctive logo from other logos of other brands, as it is a simple logo in its form
  • But it is deep in its meaning and content with what it indicates from the things on which human life is based. We find that whoever designed this logo has designed it in an innovative way to show that every rib or part of this star
  • It was used to express Mercedes' dominance and control over transportation, and to show that its engines could run on land, at sea and in the air.

Benefits and stages of using the Mercedes logo in diamonds

The Mercedes logo in its current form was not the first logo designed and used by the company as its trademark since the beginning of its inception. The Mercedes logo changed more than once before it settled on its current form. Mercedes cars is the name of the brand on a transverse oval.

Then the Mercedes logo was changed and the star shape was designed and used by the company's designers. They designed a golden triple star in the beginning, then the name Mercedes was added to it again after a short period of time under the triple star, and the situation remained so until the matter settled on choosing the star The silver trio is the official Mercedes car logo and has remained so to this day, and was also designed with pure diamonds inlaid.

93.56 USD
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