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Men's sunglasses

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Men's sunglasses

Men's sunglasses are one of the pillars of men's fashion and accessories, as the man who cares about his appearance and elegance, especially in the summer, shines for it, and every time and every place has a different design that suits the nature of time and place. Product Introduction

These sunglasses are one of the most luxurious international brands that are distinguished by their elegant shape and ability to protect the eyes from the damage of strong sunlight, as exposure to ultraviolet rays, whether for long or short periods, leads to serious damage to health, including temporary effects of eye swelling or sensitivity as a result of light. Sometimes the damage is minor and sometimes it is more severe.

Product Description Men's sunglasses

Product brand: one of the products of fratoz store

Product model number: p685568362

Product Size: Front Width 151mm, Height 43mm, Arm Size 148mm

Product color: black gold, brown, silver and black

Men's sunglasses product features

What distinguishes these glasses are their lenses that are consistent with the flow of arms, as well as their area suitable for the eye contour, to reflect an attractive appearance and suitable for vision.

It is characterized by its superior ability to absorb any reflection caused by any surface such as windows.

It is also characterized by its ability to contrast, which greatly helps in seeing clearly.

It also has lens colors that match the specifications, as it is characterized by the brown lens color and the gray color, which tends to the degree of green, because these colors are distinguished from other colors and allow them to see in a more natural way.

It is also distinguished by its elegant and elegant appearance.

It is also characterized by its suitability with different face shapes.

In addition to the possibility of wearing it most of the time and for official and special occasions.

Product Warnings

Great care must be taken in a special way for those sunglasses, taking into account cleaning them with the tissue designated for them and placing them in their pouch to protect them from any scratches.


Sunglasses give men an elegant and attractive appearance, especially if he succeeds in choosing the appropriate glasses for him in terms of shape and appearance, in addition to their suitability for the place and time.

18.36 USD
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