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Men's sunglasses

32.13 USD

Men's sunglasses

Men's Sunglasses A lot of men are looking for to protect their eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, and they are looking for different shapes of glasses and these glasses have a wonderful, elegant and eye-catching design.

Product Introduction

Sunglasses have a distinctive and elegant design, suitable for all tastes of men, suitable for all types of clothes, many colors are available, comfortable during wearing that does not strain the eyes, and has soft bandages so that you do not feel any pain in the nose while wearing them.

Description of men's sunglasses


· Material making the lens: Resin

· Making frame materials: metal

· Foreseeable rate of visible glasses: 99%

· Available colors of glasses: gold frame and lens gray - black lens frame gray - gray lens frame Boundouki gray.

· Glasses Weight: 200 grams

· Glasses length: 145 mm

· Lens length: 130 mm

· Lens height: 40 mm

· Lens width: 66 mm

· High nose glasses: 12 mm

Product Features

Men's sunglasses are of the highest quality.

It has a unique and distinct design that suits all tastes.

It is characterized by an elegant and sophisticated shape that suits all different faces.

It protects the eyes from harmful UVA rays.

It has a durable design and a soft nose piece that makes it comfortable to wear.

It is characterized by the presence of anti-stresses due to the weight of the glasses.

It is characterized by the presence of a light frame that prevents the feeling of any friction with the contact points.

Men's sunglasses warnings

The glasses should be stored in a clean and dry place.

The glasses should be washed with water or by means of a cleaning spray for the glasses every period, with the glasses dried well using cotton swabs, and the lenses should be wiped in one direction.

You should not place the glasses on the surface of the lenses so that the lenses do not get scratched.

How to use

You should clean the glasses with water and a non-lint cloth to keep them clean at all times and to prevent blurring of vision.

You can wear the glasses with all kinds of different clothes, both modern and classic, as they have a design that suits all shapes and types.

32.13 USD
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