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Men's genuine leather business crossbody bag

37.80 USD 58.73 USD

Men's genuine leather business crossbody bag

Crossbody Bag for Men Genuine Leather Business of practical bags, made of premium 100% genuine leather, elegant to the extreme, it is one of the few bags that suits all ages and bodies, easy to carry and comfortable for the back.

Product Introduction

Cross bag is one of the distinctive bags made of natural leather, consisting of a main zipper, and there are 2 front pockets suitable for carrying an iPad and a phone, and there is a small pocket for the possibility of placing cards such as a credit and ID card, and you can also put snacks or personal books in addition to the wallet

And many other personal items inside the bag.

Crossbody bag product description

Crossbody bag is a practical multifunctional bag, you can use it daily at university, it is suitable for all ages, and for work and travel, you can rely on it to carry your personal items and carry it comfortably, and it features a comfortable strap while wearing it.

Product Features

The Genuine Leather Business Crossbody Bag for Men is made of genuine leather, designed in a very elegant and comfortable style.

It is made of mercerized fabric and a polyester lining to protect the items inside.

It has an adjustable strap, which is also anti-slip, which you can adjust to the length that suits you.

The bag is suitable for all different functions, it is practical for a sports man to carry it in clubs or gyms, suitable for travel times, and is considered one of the ideal gifts that you can give to your loved one, whether brother, husband, father or son.

Crossbody Warnings

It should be kept in a cool and dry place.

It must be cleaned by wiping the skin with a special leather cleaner, and do not wash it with soap and water, so as not to damage it.

Exposure to chemical pollution should be avoided because it works on the corruption of the skin, change its color and the appearance of spots.

The metal in the bag must be cleaned with a dry cloth so that you can keep it shiny at all times.

Do not use glass cleaner or any rubbing alcohol to clean the bag, as this will damage the leather of the bag.

Do not try to scrub the leather to clean it, as this will increase the difficulty of cleaning the bag and transfer stains from one place to another, in addition to damaging the leather of the bag.

Do not use baby wipes or hand cream to clean and remove stains from the bag because it damages the leather and changes the color of the bag.

How to use

You can wear a men's genuine leather crossbody bag for business on all occasions, as it is one of the practical bags that suit all times.

You can wear them evening or morning, they are elegant, have a perfect aesthetic and are made to the highest quality.

You can wear it on all kinds of clothes, leather suits all models, both modern and classic.

37.80 USD 58.73 USD
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