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Men's and women's casual backpack

32.40 USD

Men's and women's backpack

A men's and women's backpack is considered one of the important purposes that men and women use alike, and the laptop and travel and trip supplies can be placed in it. It is also suitable for the university, and the mother needs it to carry her child's tools. of other things.

Definition of a men's and women's backpack

It is a large-sized men's and women's backpack and can carry a lot of things, whether books for university students or personal items when wanting to travel or take trips, and suitable for men, women and students, and it is made of high quality, durable and strong materials, so it carries heavy things without being exposed To tear or crack, as it was manufactured with high precision, and it is spacious from the inside and lined with durable and soft polyester materials at the same time, produced in black, which makes it valuable and elegant, and it is fed with several other colors that can be chosen from which to suit the customer's taste, and the bag is an ideal gift on occasions Success both for girls and for young people.

Specifications of men's and women's backpack

  • The men's and women's backpack is made of high quality materials
  • It comes in black, which increases its luxury, and it has a front pocket that is opened and closed with a tightly closed zipper, and this pocket is suitable for placing keys, a car license or a mobile phone
  • It has spacious interior pockets that can put a laptop or iPad, and women can use it to put children's things
  • Such as diapers, sterile wipes or baby food, and the bag is suitable for travel and trips
  • It can be carried on the back as it is equipped with dedicated straps and then adjusts its length according to the user's desire, despite its large size
  • However, it is light in weight and does not represent a burden on the back and is very practical, whether for work, travel or university. It is also suitable for girls, youth, men and women of all ages.

Backpack Features 

A men's and women's casual backpack is made with several characteristics, which made many want to use it, and the most important of these features are the following:

  • The bag comes with a modern and casual design, suitable for both men and women.
  • The bag is very practical and has many pockets with a secure lock.
  • The bag accommodates all travel and excursions, university books and laptops.
  • The bag is made of high quality and water repellent materials which makes it easy to clean.
  • The bag is equipped with straps for carrying on the back, the length of which can be adjusted according to the user's desire.

bag components

The bag is manufactured according to the latest international specifications of high-quality materials and comes in black inlaid with multiple colors, including blue, orange and red, and the customer can choose what suits him.

Product Benefits

The casual bag is used for all women and men of all ages. It is suitable for both girls and young people from university students. It can accommodate laptops and iPads. It can also be used to carry children's things. It is very suitable for mothers who have children at the age of breastfeeding, as they organize their things and are easy to carry and do not constitute any Bother to mothers.

How to use the product

A men's and women's casual backpack suitable for travel, laptop and personal items can be used in a very simple way, as it is like the rest of the other bags where the items are placed in it and then the pocket is closed by the elaborate zipper.

32.40 USD
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