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medical memory pillow

49.14 USD

Best Medical Back Pain Relief Lumbar Sleeping Pillow - Ergonomically designed memory foam back pain relief sleeping pillow effectively supports the lower back for side, back and stomach sleepers. Helps relieve lower back pain and provides perfect spinal alignment at night.

Features of the best medical pillow

  • Unique Design of Lumbar Support Pillow Ergonomic design with special curvature meets the requirements of a healthy lumbar spine curvature The smooth contours of its shape provide unconscious stretch and support for the lower back.
  • BEST SOFT MEMORY FOAM MEDICAL PILLOW PROVIDES COMFORT Indulge in a deep sleep with ease under the natural unconscious support. Take care of your lumbar spine all night long.
  • Suitable for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. Release muscle tension, promote blood circulation and relieve pain when sleeping
  • This lumbar pillow is made of high quality memory foam. It is safe and permanent. Soft breathable cover provides maximum comfort and prevents overheating of the lumbar pillow. It is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Uses of the best medical pillow

  • BEST MEDICAL PILLOW MULTIFUNCTIONAL BED SUPPORT PILLOW FOR BACK, LEG AND KNEE - The lumbar support pillow can also be used under the knees, under the legs, under the feet, or leg elevation support to provide relief and effective pain relief when needed. Great bed support pillow for back and side sleepers to provide lower back pain, hip pain, leg pain and joint pain relief.
  • HIGH-DENSE MEMORY FOAM - Made of 100% high-density high-density memory foam, the lumbar sleeping pillow provides long-lasting comfort for hours that is superior to other bed positioning pillows, it will not flatten over time and provides optimum spine alignment support
  • BREATHABLE EASY CLEAN COVER - Soft breathable cover provides maximum comfort and prevents the wedge pillow from overheating. It is machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Comfortable sleep Say hello to a good night's sleep with the best multifunctional medical pillow that provides a healthy sleeping position, and helps reduce back pain and sciatica

customer reviews

First opinion: It is a wonderful pillow, very soft and comfortable, I liked it very much. It relieves my back pain while sleeping

common questions

Does this treat back pain when used to sleep?

Yes, it relieves pain wonderfully

49.14 USD
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medical pillow

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