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Magnetic charging cable accepts Android, iOS and TypeC

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12.42 USD

magnetic charging cable Super fast with nylon cord Compatible with all Android, ios and type C smartphones and phones Makes charging your phone very easy especially while driving the car it is not easy to fall off when charging or using.

Specifications of magnetic charging cable

  • External cable material: Nylon.
  • Cable length: 1 meter.
  • Cable colour: black.

Features of magnetic charging cable

  • Nylon Wire Ultra Fast Magnetic Charging Data Cable, 3 in 1 360 Degree Socket.
  • The LED indicator light cable is compatible with all Type-C smartphones and Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Magnetic charging cable compatible with ipod and tablets, laptop.
  • USB 360° Rotation and 3-in-1 Multi Charging Cable gives you easy to carry one cable for all your different devices Contains Charging Connector for MICRO USB Charging Connector for TYPE Charging Connector for iPhone.

Magnetic charging cable uses

  • Magnetic charging cable provides maximum charging speed up to 2A, and charging is faster than most standard cables.
  • Ultra-fast magnetic charging allows you to switch to any device without removing the connector from your device.
  • This multi magnetic charging cable is widely compatible with Android smartphones, tablets and other devices 1 x 3 in 1 magnetic charging cable multi charging cable with Micro USB, type C.
  • This cable provides the fastest possible charge via any USB charger, and is compatible with all smartphones.
  • A strong magnetic charging cable that helps you charge your phone easily, the best choice for drivers, visually impaired, the elderly and the disabled.

customer reviews

First opinion: It is a good quality product also very easy to use and very convenient.

Second opinion: It is a strong magnetic charging cable that my phone does not fall off while charging. Use it while driving, as it is easy to use.

common questions

  • Is the cable compatible with all types of phones?

This cable Versatile and widely compatible with Android and all smartphones and tablets.

12.42 USD
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