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Luxury small handbag for women

18.90 USD

Luxury small handbag for women

Luxury small handbag for women It increases the elegance of women, and the bag is suitable for university students, for parties, and for all morning and evening occasions. It is also an ideal choice for gifts, whether from a friend, husband or success occasions.

Definition of a luxury small handbag for women

The small luxury handbag for women is a multi-purpose crossbody bag, a cute casual shoulder bag, suitable for all purposes, suitable for carrying a mobile phone, and suitable for all occasions, whether parties, college, trips and travel, daily use in the morning and evening

Specifications of a small luxury handbag for women

The bag is roomy inside to hold a large cell phone, keys, cash, bills, credit and ID cards, wallet, perfume, lipstick, cosmetics, makeup mirror and passport, making travel lighter.

Features of a luxury small handbag for women

  • It is a distinctive crossbody bag that is small in size, light in weight and made of high quality leather
  • Despite its small size, it is spacious from the inside and is suitable for all purposes. A mobile phone can be placed in it. There is no need to carry large bags that may hinder the freedom of girls sometimes.
  • With a simple and modern design, available in 6 colors, the lightweight leather resists stretching and fading over time and even withstands accidental splashes or drops to the ground and is built with high quality to last.
  • Featuring an ultra-strong magnetic closure that provides security and peace of mind.
  • Made of premium leather, it has a classic antique design, beautifully wrapped and makes a great gift.

Benefits of a small handbag for women

The bag holds all items such as cell phone, credit cards, cash and passport. It is the perfect size for storage and other small items. All ports are fully accessible with ease. This bag is a great factor in any outfit a woman wears, and is suitable for valuable gifts on all occasions.

How to use the small handbag for women

The girl can use the small bag on the shoulder or as a crossbody, as it is light in weight and does not represent a burden on the arms, very comfortable, and suitable for all morning and evening occasions.

bag components

The small bag for women includes the interior compartment, the inner pocket is equipped with a zipper, there is a dedicated pocket for the phone, and it has a card slot, the bag is produced in all colors and the appropriate color can be chosen for what the girl wears, which increases the elegance and beauty of the woman.

18.90 USD
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