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Luxury nylon handbag and shoulder bag for women

33.75 USD

Luxurious handbag and shoulder bag

A luxury nylon handbag for women that is characterized by quality, durability, and water resistance, and can be used for all occasions and is a great option for Mother's Day gifts, weddings, and holidays.

Definition of a luxury nylon handbag and shoulder bag for women

A luxury nylon handbag and shoulder bag for women is a necessity for modern women, as it is available in many distinctive and youthful colors, and is made of high-quality materials of durable nylon that resists the impact of water, so do not be disturbed when using coffee or tea on the bag, as it can be cleaned easily, and the bag enjoys With multiple pockets, you can put your phone, keys and money purse, perfect for work, college and trips.

Luxury nylon handbag and shoulder bag for women

A luxurious handbag and shoulder bag has several specifications that made girls accept to use it. It comes in a very suitable size and includes 2 pockets on the front with a zipper, the phone and keys can be placed in them, and there is a large pocket on the back with a zipper, tightly closed, and there are 2 large and spacious pockets that are placed in them. Valuable items and the size of the bag is suitable for the university. A book can be placed in it. It is also practical. Distinctive colors such as black can be used for work and night events.

Features of a luxurious nylon handbag and shoulder bag for women

A luxury nylon handbag and shoulder bag for women, designed in an elegant and modern way for girls and women, and can be used as a handbag or as a crossbody, and it has many features, including the following:

  • The bag is made of high-quality durable water-resistant and stain-resistant nylon.
  • The bag is lightweight, easy to care for, and can be machine washed safely without damage.
  • The bag is very practical, it is suitable for all purposes and suitable for the university, and it can put an iPad, phone, keys, wallet, car license and other daily items.
  • The bag has many pockets sealed with a sturdy zipper.
  • It is large in size and can accommodate many purposes.

Benefits of a women's bag

The women's nylon bag has multiple benefits. It is one of the ideal options when giving gifts to the wife, girlfriend or lover. It is also suitable for use in organizing various items such as makeup tools, phone, money purse and all daily items.

bag components

The bag comes with an elegant design and an ideal size and features 2 pockets on the front with an elaborate zipper, and a pocket on the back with a zipper, and it can accommodate from the inside with two distinct pockets with a zipper to close it after placing the items in it.

bag uses

The bag is used, like other bags for women, to put various items such as phone, keys, iPad, make-up tools and perfumes. It is also suitable for university girls, and suits working women. It comes with an elegant and elegant design and is made of very good, high-quality materials and easy to clean.

33.75 USD
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