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Luxury Apple Airpods 1/2 . Storage Box

8.10 USD

The protective earphone case is made of high quality imported leather material and protects the Air Pods case from scratches and drops The earphone case is precisely made to fit your Air Pods charging case perfectly and can be charged easily without removing the case.

Headphone box specifications

  • Material: leather
  • Support wired and wireless charging for Airpod 2 & 1 with the case on.

Headphones box features

  • The earphone case is made of premium genuine leather so the texture of each item you get is unique.
  • Earphone case prevent your device from scratches, and provide adequate protection during collision or fall.

headphone box uses

  • Portable speaker case on the go, carry your Air pods anywhere, perfect for outdoor activities like walking, hiking, cycling, etc.
  • The charging port is reserved at the bottom, you can charge the earphone at any time without taking off the visor earphone case, and support wireless charging.
  • Easy to carry, it is the best choice as a gift for a friend.
  • Earphone case Interesting and unique design, decorate your Air pods, make you feel happy every day Suit for all tastes
  • The earphone case has a little matte surface and feels very comfortable and the interior is polished.Fit tightly with Air pods and not easy to fall off.
  • The protective earphone case has good elasticity, shock absorption and resistance to fall. It remains flexible and durable even after prolonged use. Protect Air pods from external damage and keep the smooth appearance of Airpods Charging Boxes.
  • Easy to carry when doing sports, working, relaxing and outdoors, you can take it with you and avoid getting lost.

customer reviews

First opinion: A wonderful, beautiful, attractive, very elegant headphone box that is easy to use

Second opinion: An amazing product that provides adequate protection for the device during collision and fall

common questions

  • Is there a place for charging in the headphones box?

Yes, you can charge it very easily without having to take off the headphone case

  • Do you keep the device from shocks?

Yes, it protects your device from bumps and scratches

8.10 USD
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