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Luxurious men's watch from Louis Martin

53.73 USD
  • This product is shipped from Riyadh warehouse within 24 hours inside Riyadh and 3 days outside Riyadh

Always shine and excellence through the acquisition of a preferred brand Men 's Watch brand Louis Martin containing iron Japanese machine is characterized by an hour it against water in an attractive and gorgeous.

Specifications of the best brand of men's watch

  • Admard design.
  • Luxurious leather box with logo.
  • Waterproof 100/100.
  • Japanese iron machine.100/100
  • The watch material is non-scratch stainless steel.
  • 12 month warranty card.

Features of the best brand of men's watch

  • The best brand of men's watch Distinguished by superior quality and made of high quality materials.
  • Characterized by an attractive top in elegance.
  • The best brand of a waterproof men's watch that does not change its distinctive color with use, as it remains brilliance for many years.
  • The best brand of men's watch Made of stainless steel, it is not scratchy or rust-proof.
  • It contains a Japanese quartz iron machine, a long life machine that will last you for long periods.

Uses the best brand of men's watch

  • You can wear it during your normal day at work or at night and its elegance makes it suitable for all your times.
  • It is waterproof so you can wear it in the shower, when you go to the beach, and when you run until you sweat.
  • The best brand of men's watch that gives your hand an attractive, elegant and radiant look.

customer reviews

  • First opinion: It's gorgeous and attractive. I wear it all day, even in the shower, and exercise until I sweat.
  • Second opinion: It is a very beautiful and elegant watch as I always wear it out of my love for it. It is really high quality and luxurious.
  • Third Opinion: Clock Louis Martin from a preferred brand Men 's Watch color has not changed really it 's very wonderful and very elegant and comfortable.

common questions

It is a high quality Japanese quartz iron machine that will last you a long time and you do not have to repair it every now and then.

  • Does it change colour?

No, its color has not changed, it is made of high-quality stainless steel that does not change color and is not exposed to rust

  • Are Louis Martin watches waterproof?

Yes, it is 100% waterproof and can be worn in the shower without worry.

53.73 USD
One comment


4 months ago

هل التوصيل. لجميع المناطق
وهل عليه رسوم


Fratose Store

4 months ago

اهلين عزيزي
نعم التوصيل لجميع المناطق
يتوفر الشحن عبر البريد السعودي
الشحن مجاني في حال الشراء بـ300 ريال
او استخدم كود LMfree الخاص بماركتي لويس مارتن و ماكسويل لتحصل على شحن مجاني

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