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310ml Infrared Soap Dispenser And Foam Maker

32.67 USD

The foaming soap suitable for this product can be found here

Touch Control Smart Infrared Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser With Manual Liquid Soap

Features of liquid soap dispenser

  • Liquid soap dispenser can be used for both liquid sanitizer and foam soap, save water in hand washing, clean and safe.
  • The soap dispenser comes with high precision design, high capacity and low consumption.
  • It is recommended to use liquid sanitizer or foaming liquid hand wash for the first use.
  • Made of dust-proof ABS material, capacity: 310ml and sensor operating at a distance of 10cm.
  • Liquid soap dispenser suitable for kitchen, bathroom, home, hospital, office, hotel
  • Fully automatic liquid soap dispenser,is hand sanitizer cool and hygienic liquid soap dispenser come get it
  • Liquid soap dispenser with curved profile design and 20 degree tilt spout, so the foam does not stick to your soap dispenser.

liquid soap dispenser uses

  • Sensitivity and precise sensing
  • Very economical for time, water and energy consumption as well
  • Water repellent design
  • Curved top surface design that prevents water splashes
  • High Efficiency Low Energy Consumption Liquid Soap Dispenser
  • Noise reduction and shock absorption design Rapid foaming with high sensitivity Easy to use Splash-proof Environmentally friendly materials
  • Installation:

1. Press the battery cover of the product, remove the battery case and put in 3 AA batteries

2. Pour and install disinfectants

3. Then press the switch on the back and the indicator will light green

customer reviews

First opinion: Such a nice looking, versatile (like hand sanitizer/washing machine) automatic dispenser. Setting liquid dispensing time may add more value to it. Beautiful product.

Second opinion: The foaming system and sensors detect very quickly. The quality of the plastic products is excellent. I am completely satisfied with this product.

common questions

Can you fill in liquid soap

Yes suitable liquid foam soap. Will not work with non-foaming sanitizer

32.67 USD
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