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Large women's shoulder bag

52.65 USD

 If you are one of the women looking for a modern and distinctive look, you will definitely like this spacious women's shoulder bag

This is because it contains a set of specifications that will complement your look in a wonderful way

It also has specifications that make it one of the most famous and popular bags in many countries

So, we promise you, madam, that you will get a distinctive and elegant look with a wonderful youthful touch

This is because the women's shoulder bag is the bag that has many wonderful and excellent specifications that many women are looking for

✿ It is one of the famous types of women’s bags that are common among all different women, and this is because this bag contains several features that are not available in other types of women’s bags

It has been produced in the best possible way in order to get your admiration, as it works to give you a distinctive and modern look with more comfort while using it.

Therefore, the spacious women's shoulder bag comes with a lot of features that will benefit you, because it is made of excellent and practical materials and has a wonderful external design.

This shoulder bag includes a set of features that made it one of the most popular and sophisticated bags compared to all the bags on the market today, which in turn led to the spread of this bag on a wide range

● The size of the bag is perfect for use, it is the right size that enables you to put all your things comfortably and the bag comes in a size of 30.5 cm * 12 cm * 26.5 cm

● The bag comes with two types of arms, one of which is used by the shoulder. The first and second types have a longer arm to be used in the way you prefer.

● The bag is available in a variety of colors: black - brown - green - burgundy - pink.

It contains a number of internal pockets

● Durable strong material

● Adjustable Anti-theft Design

52.65 USD
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