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Large capacity women's handbag

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✨ It has a great design, large size and excellent materials, so a large women's handbag will be the most suitable bag for you

The large women's handbag is one of the most important bags that you should own, because it contains a lot of features that make it a pioneer in the field of famous women's bags

Which in turn, you can use and use it to spend many of the daily tasks that you do

The women's handbag has been manufactured to keep pace with all the developments taking place today in the field of fashion

It features a great design, large size and excellent materials, so this large women's handbag will be the right bag for you.

Large women's handbag

Large-sized handbags are one of the most available types of women's bags, because they are a basic request for many women, and no woman can do without them in any situation.

Women always need to have one of these bags with them, so this tote bag for women will be the right one for you

Which will help you get a distinctive and complete look, is the usable bag that benefits you.

Features of the large women's handbag

This handbag has all the features that many women need and wish to have in their bag, so many women and girls of different ages buy it because it includes a set of different features that every woman is looking for, and the advantages are represented in the following set of points:

  • The size of the bag is one of the best, most important and most requested features, as the bag comes with a large capacity compared to other bag sizes, which makes it usable daily in several different ways. The bag sizes are as follows: cm x 15 cm x 33 cm 25 which are large sizes that make the bag ideal.
  • The color of the bag is great and makes it usable in more than one situation. It comes in beige with three stripes of olive color, which made the bag more practical.
  • The materials that were used in the manufacture of this bag are universal and ideal materials that all women are looking for. They made the bag extremely durable, so it is not easily damaged or cut, and it is also flexible, as the bag is completely flexible in use.
  • The bag comes with two types of arms, and this is to be comfortable for your lady. It contains a small handle that enables you to wear the bag on the shoulder or hold it by hand only. It also comes with a relatively long arm so that women can carry it in any other way.
  • The handbag comes with a small button to make it sealed so you don't lose your things inside.
  • The bag is very luxurious and sophistication, which you can wear with a lot of different clothes, it will always give you an attractive and appropriate look.

47.25 USD
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غدير المحمادي

2 months ago

انا ابي نفس اللون الي بالصورة
وبخيارات اللون مكتوب لون اسود ولون بحري
شكله مخلص
تكفون تواصلو معي ابي هالشنطة 🥺


Fratose Store

2 months ago

أهلين عزيزتي
دقيقة و نرد لك

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