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Anti-cut glove for kitchen work

9.45 USD
  • A glove made of carbon fiber material, anti-cut that protects the hands - after God - from being cut or injured

kitchen gloves

It is known that any housewife uses kitchen gloves while performing public cooking, as it is considered one of the most important household items that must be available in every kitchen, and kitchen gloves have various shapes and purposes depending on the use.

Information about kitchen gloves

Kitchen gloves are made of safe materials that protect the hands from any injury while doing cutting and other work in the kitchen, in addition to being comfortable in use in general.

  • The color is black, white and red.
  • The price is 146.65 Egyptian pounds.
  • Made of fibres.

Features of kitchen gloves

  • Safe on hands while chopping with sharp kitchen utensils.
  • Keeps hands from exposure to high temperature.
  • Very comfortable during use.

How to use kitchen gloves

  • It is used by wearing it directly in the hands.

Customer reviews:

An excellent product worth trying because it keeps the hand clean and protects the hand from any danger it may be exposed to.

common questions

Q/ Is the product of kitchen gloves worth buying?

Yes, it is worth buying it to preserve the safety of hands from any risks that women may be exposed to while working in the kitchen.

9.45 USD
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