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Keyboard skin in different shapes

7.26 USD

A wonderful keyboard cover that protects the keyboard from the disappearance of letters and numbers drawn on it, and you can also use it to protect it from children removing the buttons in it and saves the keyboard from stuck dust that needs special care to be cleaned without damaging the keyboard, a keyboard cover that keeps the laptop keyboard from No dust and no need for cleaning.

Keyboard cover specifications

  • The keyboard cover is made of the best silicone materials that help to take the shape of the laptop keyboard.
  • It is made of a material that sticks in the place designated for it and does not slip.
  • Ultra protection for laptop and keyboard.

Keyboard cover features  

  • The keyboard cover is one of the best products used for laptop and computer accessories
  • A keyboard cover is placed on the keyboard, it has many distinctive colors in it and protects the keyboard from dust that is attached to it and is difficult to remove
  • If the letters have been removed from the laptop and the numbers on the buttons have been erased and you cannot use it, you can buy a keyboard cover that shows all the letters in Arabic and English and numbers, which makes it easier for you to use
  • It keeps the keyboard from getting damaged and the letters appear clear on it, as well as protects it from dust that gets stuck in it and is difficult to remove.
  • It is made of the best high-quality materials so that it does not break unlike many other products, and there are many shapes, including the form of cartoon graphics added to it or distinctive colors.
  • There are various shapes that you can choose more than one shape and diversify between them, and there are many colors that are suitable for use for girls and boys, and there are many wonderful cartoon shapes.

Keyboard cover uses

  • The way to use this product is simple and easy, as all you have to do is put this product over the keyboard to give it an aesthetic appearance and keep it from disappearing letters, eroding or removing keys by children.
  • The keyboard cover has a high ability to protect the keyboard from damage and dust and gives it a great appearance and is easy to use.

customer reviews

The first opinion: a wonderful keyboard cover that is easy to use, protects the laptop from dust and protects the buttons from corrosion.

Second opinion: The colors are very distinctive, wonderful and attractive.

common questions

  • Is the keyboard cover durable?

Yes, it is made of high quality silicone and is long lasting

7.26 USD
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