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IPhone XS Max / XR / X / XS / 11 / 11 Pro Max Silicone Handbag Phone Cover Case

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An innovative and attractive phone cover made of silicone that adds elegance and beauty to your mobile phone. It is compatible with iPhone phones. A wonderful and distinctive shape. Several colors are available.

phone cover features

  • The phone cover without graphics looks exactly like a small handbag with a handle and chains for easy carrying on the shoulder like a bag
  • Delicate design phone cover perfectly compatible with all kinds of iPhones Stylish and attractive
  • The phone cover has a small pocket that enables you to put cards, cards and cash, and the case is designed very comfortably when held in the hand.
  • Available colors for the phone cover A lot of different colors are available in order to be suitable for all tastes. It is available in six different colors and they are (black, white, red, dark green, light purple, rose).
  • The phone cover is made of silicone material, which is a soft and durable material that bears shock greatly and is anti-scratch, soft to the touch, and comfortable to the touch of the hand.

phone cover uses

  • The phone case is made of silicone, lozenge pattern, which has a non-slip feel and is comfortable on the hands.
  • A complete design that offers superior protection against shocks, scratches and dust, elegant and attractive
  • The phone cover is a unique design in the shape of a beautiful and elegant small handbag with chains and a drawstring for a shoulder carry.
  • You can protect your phone and enjoy the attractiveness and elegance because the phone cover combines high quality and great design
  • A phone cover that gives you a chance not to carry your out bag during close trips because you can easily put your money and your card inside the pocket, so it is very practical and wonderful

customer reviews

First opinion: I liked this Al-Kheiba case very much. It is very elegant and attractive, its colors are wonderful, and its quality is really high. It protects the phone from scratches and bumps wonderfully.

Second opinion: An excellent phone cover that my husband gave me on my birthday. I loved its shape, but I was afraid that it would not protect the phone, but I found it of high quality that really protects the phone. I highly recommend it.

common questions

What material is this cover made of?

Made of high quality shock-resistant silicone

23.76 USD
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9 months ago

غطاء مبتكر و رهيب وايد حبيته


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9 months ago

شكرا لتقييمك عزيزنا الزائر
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