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Intelligent electric neck and shoulder massager for relaxation and pain relief

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Neck and Shoulder Massager Smart Electric Pulse Neck Massager U-shaped design, perfectly suitable for skin contact and providing a comfortable feel to relieve pain, stiff and fatigue of cervical muscles, improve sleep quality.

Specifications of the neck and shoulder massager

  • Made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS - lightweight plastic) + 304 stainless steel
  • Color: white/pink/dark blue.
  • Weight: 160 gr.
  • Charging mode: USB.
  • Voltage parameters: 5 volts DC, 1 amp, 5 watts.

Features of the neck and shoulder massager

  • Neck and shoulder massager opens channels and pain points and relieves cervical vertebrae pain through a slow massage technique that penetrates the skin by about 3-5 cm.
  • A hot massage with heat up to 42 degrees Celsius helps relax muscles and bones, stimulate blood circulation and relieve neck pain
  • Neck and shoulder massager massage patterns: Ironing and acupuncture pattern, normal massage pattern, percussion pattern.
  • The device turns off at regular intervals. It only works after 15 minutes of automatic power off to ensure safety.
  • The 1600 mAh battery is charged for 2 hours via USB. The massage is done for 15 minutes daily for a month.

Neck and shoulder massager

  • This neck and shoulder massager uses electric pulses to simulate a variety of massages to achieve deep relaxation of the cervical spine.
  • Due to the use of electric pulse therapy, when you use the massager, you may feel an electric shock. This is normal, it can relax the muscles more deeply than traditional massage.
  • Easy to use neck and shoulder massager Hold the switch button for 2 seconds to start, 3 massage modes (acupuncture / blow / massage mode), 15 intensity (+/-) and heat function adjustments on the remote control, easy to select modes that you want for a relaxing massage. The cervical massager also comes with a USB charging cable, which is convenient for you to use it anytime and anywhere.

customer reviews

First opinion: A very wonderful and indispensable device that gives comfort and relaxation

Second opinion: A good device that I use daily, easy to use and makes me feel comfortable

common questions

Is this massager easy to use?

Yes, easy to use, set via a remote control

48.60 USD 72.50 USD
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