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In-car tool organizer with armrest

49.95 USD

Tool organizer gives you more storage space in the car, prevent things from falling into the seating gap with armrest and you can adjust the height of the elbow support as you like.

tool organizer specification

  • Type: car seat gap storage box
  • Material: PU leather, ABS plastic
  • Color: beige, brown, black
  • Storage box 20.5X5X12 cm
  • Elbow Rest Cushion Size 15.5 X 8.5 X 5 cm

Tool organizer features

  • Elegant appearance elbow rest made of PU leather and silica gel sponge, better comfort and better grip.
  • UPGRADED VERSION TOOL ORGANIZER Close the Gap Add Extra Storage Stop things from falling through the car seat gap while adding extra storage right next door so you can enjoy your car more and stay focused on the road.
  • Organizer for cans, cups, and coins included, plus velcro strap to keep them in place
  • Recommended for center consoles above seat level.

Tool organizer uses

  • High quality PU leather tool organizer Comprehensive quality and waterproof testing. The car seat gap filler is durable and good looking in your luxury car.
  • Easy to install and clean Install in a few seconds, just insert it between the seat and console
  • Tool organizer with upgraded water resistance, it can also be cleaned with water when it is dirty. Car tool organizer keeps your car more clean and organized.

customer reviews

  • First opinion: It works well in the car and prevents us from dropping or losing our stuff in the seat crevice, which is great for long trips especially since you can easily charge your phone etc.
  • Second opinion: Really excellent product Easy to install and easy to clean Water resistant Organizes my small tools inside the car Really stylish and the adjustable elbow rest is also great and comfortable

common questions

  • Is the tool organizer high quality?

Yes, it is made of water-resistant PU leather that is easy to clean

  • Is it spacious enough for water bottles?

Organizer tools for cans, small cups and coins and does not accommodate bottles

49.95 USD
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