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In-car armrest placed on the car door

32.94 USD

Door armrest made of water-resistant leather, high quality, fits most types of cars, easy to install, gives your arm comfort while driving

door bracket specification

  • Material: PU leather and ABS and cloth
  • Size: 135mm x 80mm (LxW)
  • Top: 140 mm
  • Minimum height: 65 mm
  • Type: car armrest
  • Style: adjustable

Door stand features

  • 3 adjustable heights Choose the right height for your comfort
  • Scientifically designed with a suitable size that does not prevent normal driving.
  • The mats are thickened to effectively relieve driving fatigue.
  • Leather is waterproof and easy to clean.

door stand uses

  • The door stop is made of high quality materials, which is sturdy and durable for long time use.
  • Streamlined design and suitable size enable it to be installed on the car fender.
  • The doorrest is softer and more comfortable, can effectively relieve driving fatigue.
  • Anti-slip rubber backrest buffer design makes the product has good fixability, not easy to slip, to avoid safety hazards
  • Unique Design The car door armrest features an all-new ergonomic design that provides the ultimate in arm support comfort, making it ideal for people with serious arthritis or who drive for a long time every day with wrist strain.
  • Suitable for both right and left hand: It can be placed on the left / right hand, which effectively prevents the possibility of stretching the hand when you feel tired. Scroll to adjust for a more comfortable experience.

customer reviews

First opinion: It was exactly as described and fit perfectly with my car and the color matched perfectly. I was curious to see how it fit and if the color matched. from my picture

Second opinion: Overall, I liked its clean look and how easy it was to pick up. It looks just like the original design, I'm very happy to buy it, it's great, high quality, I recommend it

common questions

Is it easy to install? Is it really comfortable in the hand?

Yes, it is easy to install and does not slip because of the high quality of its workmanship and is very comfortable for the arm and hand

32.94 USD
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