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In-car armrest made of fabric

12.15 USD

Car armrest , soft cushion with excellent fit, car armrest with elegant design and great colors Very comfortable and elegant touch for your car.

Car armrest features

  • Car armrest provides all-day comfort and support in the car, truck, SUV or RV with ergonomic center consoles
  • Car armrest suitable design Sizes fit most cars, trucks, and center consoles.Also for SUVs
  • Unparalleled Protection This car armrest covers the entire top of the armrest, this cover also provides extra protection for the armrest from pet claws, dirt and sticky fingers.

car armrest uses

  • Easy to install car armrest with elastic band. No tools required. It can be hand washed or machine washed, fashionable style design. Drive in style! Add character and style to your car now.
  • It is a simple rectangular piece of fabric, it has two wide elastic bands under the armrest cover, you can install it easily, and it is easy to put on and take off.
  •   Universal fit car armrest that fits most cars not only relaxes your arms and elbows with a comfortable touch, but also adds a luxurious look to the armrest.
  • Car interior decoration idea and perfect gift idea for your loved one

customer reviews

  • First opinion: This console cover was bought as a gift for my mother and she liked it very much. She said it was very comfortable and practical, easy to install, and easy to clean. She also chose it so you could see the beautiful design.
  • Second opinion: My dog stands on the console whenever they are in the car and their nails get on the skin. This also happens on the arm that is next to the windows and I hope they made something to cover it too. I am happy with the quality of this product and how easy it is to install. I would definitely recommend this product even if you don't have dogs and just want to keep the center console clean and comfortable that also looks nice and seems to stay in place.

common questions

Is this car armrest easy to clean?

Yes, of course, you can put it in the washing machine

12.15 USD
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