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Brand: Haylou

Haylou . Round Full Screen Wristband Smart Watch

78.30 USD

Haylou Solar LS05 Full Round Screen Wristband 12

Haylou Solar LS05 Full Round Screen is one of the types of smart watches that Wristband 12 has recently used, and these smart watches provide the efficiency and quality that men are looking for, and also come with very elegant designs, which increases the elegance and attractiveness of men, and this watch works with modern technologies, and specifications High in line with the massive digital development we are witnessing.

Definition Haylou Solar LS05 Full Round Screen Wristband 12

Haylou Solar LS05 Full Round Screen Wristband watch is 12 types of digital watches that work with the modern touch system, which makes it easier for the user to identify the time easily and easily. The matte finish with an unbreakable glass screen, a distinctive backlight, and crack-resistant leather frames, which prolongs the life of the watch, and increases the feeling of comfort while wearing it. To ensure the health of the person who owns it, the watch also provides a thin buckle in line with the watch's delicacy and elegance.

Haylou Solar LS05 Full Round Screen Wristband Information and Specifications 12

The watch combines delicacy and simplicity of form, precision of design, and efficiency of performance, as it contains the following features:

● Color: Thin Black

● Disc Shape: Distinctive Round

● Case type: stainless steel metal.

● Pointer Type: Digital

● Bracelet length: up to approximately 22 cm.

● Band Materials: Made of anti-cracking silicone.

● The bracelet's colors are attractive black.

● Movement: digital high-precision

● Watch length: up to 200 mm.

Screen: scratch-resistant glass

● Case diameter: not more than 3.7 cm

● Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth and GPS

Watch features

Haylou Solar LS05 Full Round Screen Wristband 12 watch has many features that distinguish it from other watches, which are:

● The watch has a distinctive screen with beautiful colors and adjustable brightness. It also features a touch feature that increases the ease of control and benefit from the capabilities of the watch.

● The watch is equipped with silicone bezels to withstand continuous use, and the frame is equipped with a durable comfortable buckle that closes the watch around the wrist.

● The watch is provided with high digital technology that enables its user to identify the heart rate during movement, activity and during exercise.

● It also has the feature of setting alerts, receiving notifications and messages, tracking, playing and downloading music.

● The watch comes in a suitable size and light weight that is comfortable to use, and the frames have a black color that suits different fashions.

● The watch has a long-lasting battery that lasts for long periods, and it also has a precise charging hole, which facilitates the process of charging it easily and safely.

● The gears and the inner clock teeth are made of ceramic or stainless steel, to ensure the quality and accuracy of the watch.

● The watch enjoys unparalleled prices compared to its services and specifications.

clock components

The watch consists of the following components:

● Round stainless steel case with a durable, unbreakable and scratch-resistant glass screen.

● A set of gears, teeth and dial made of steel, to work with precision and durability and ensure the watch will continue to be used for long periods.

● Durable silicone strap that is securely wrapped around the wrist with a delicate and durable buckle.

● High brightness and quality screen with distinctive backlight.

● Round metal case frame to ensure durability, quality and aesthetics.

Haylou Solar LS05 Full Round Screen Wristband Benefits 12

Haylou Solar LS05 Full Round Screen Wristband 12 has several benefits including:

● The ability to tell the time with high accuracy and unparalleled efficiency

● Possibility to set alarm, alerts and message notifications

● It allows identifying the heart rate when moving, and regulating exercise.

● Allows you to play and enjoy music at any time

How to use

The watch must be charged a little before turning it on for the first time, and the watch works easily and smoothly by controlling its touch screens.


- Why doesn't my watch start

1.The watch needs to be connected to the charger for the first use.

2.If your watch battery runs out, you need to charge it for a while before trying to activate your watch.

3.Try to activate your watch by pressing the area below the screen for a long time.

- Why my watch doesn't charge successfully

1.Please make sure your charger is 5V/1A. If the current is too high, the watch would into the automatic protection of the state.

2.Please confirm that the charging cable is well attached to the charging position on the back cover of your watch.

3.If your watch still can't be charge successfully, please contact our customer services right away. Please click the customer services .

- ?Why is there no charging cable in my package I received

1.Please check the user manual and product details page to confirm whether the product is charged by USB. If so, please unplug the watchband, then you would find the charging jack.

2.If your watch isn't USB charging and you don't receive the charging cable, please contact our customer services right away.

- How to change the date and time?

Please scan the QR code in the manual to download the APP. Then the time and date will be automatically synced when the watch is connected to the phone.

- Can I wear it for swimming .?

It is not recommended that you wear it to swim, because it is not a professional swimming watch.

78.30 USD
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