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15.66 USD

Gorgeous gold lobe beanie hat has a reinforced top cover, high quality lining, natural, comfortable and breathable, light and dry, with a sweat-absorbent belt inside, can absorb sweat and moisture

Head hat features

  • Adjustable tight closure
  • Hand wash cap only
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Lightweight and comfortable hat
  • Anti-glare lining under the visor for better visibility
  • The design with embroidered patterns makes the hats unique, and the low-profile design and curved edges can prevent your eyes and face from dazzling sunlight while doing outdoor sports.
  • Protection from the sun and harmful rays

hat uses

  • Suitable for outdoor sports such as golfing, hunting, cycling, fishing, tennis and travelling.
  • Hand wash and wash less recommended, do not press and rub, do not machine wash.
  • Our hat will be your ideal choice for daily life and outdoor activities, suitable for leisure, sports, gathering with friends, costume party or any other occasions. Whether at the beach, park, pool, gym, or theme park, you can wear this cap anytime, anywhere.
  • The circumference of the cap can be adjusted freely, and it is practical, the high-quality fabric is slightly stretchy, and the soft feel brings luxury and comfort to your life, available in four seasons, vented design, not stuffy, light and easy to change.

customer reviews

First opinion: My hat. I generally like to try on hats before I buy them, but I'm taking a chance. That's cool - it's a light, windy-friendly material, has a low profile, and is gentle enough that I could even wear it for my daily driver.

Second opinion: I love this hat. I have normal, super thick, curly hair that can lose moisture. Because of this, it is much more breakable and every time I wear my hat the tape on this has no regular duct tape. Don't tear my hair! Very cool

common questions

Is it okay to wash frequently with warm water and then hang to dry after sweating?

Yes, the trick is not to dry it in a dryer which will cause the hat to change shape. But if you air dry it, it often will not cause much damage to the hat

15.66 USD
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