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A watch for women from HANNAH MARTIN Water Resistant is one of the watches with a unique modern design, and it is an ideal idea to present it as a gift on happy occasions, and ladies can use it as one of the important accessories that increases the beauty of the wrist and gives a delicate look to the wearer.

Definition of a women's watch from HANNAH MARTIN, water resistant

HANNAH MARTIN Women's Water Resistant Watch is a Japanese imported watch with quartz movement and comes with a distinctive analog display,

The watch has a distinct design that feels comfortable on the wrist, and it is suitable for all times, morning and evening, as it is suitable for formal occasions for business women, and the watch features a beautiful attractive bracelet that increases the elegance and beauty of the girls' wrist.

Information and specifications of a women's watch from HANNAH MARTIN, water resistant

A wrist watch for women from HANNAH MARTIN, water resistant, is one of the distinguished women's watches with its unique and elegant design, and it has many specifications:

It attracts elegant ladies, which increases elegance, and among the most important specifications of the watch are the following:

The watch has a quartz movement manufactured with Japanese techniques.

Made of mineral crystal, which added to its luxury.

The watch works with precision, which makes it suitable for business women.

It has a beautiful water-resistant bracelet so it can be used near pools and water without worrying.

The watch band is durable, mesh, of fine, porous smooth steel that resists rust.

With a design that resembles a starry sky, it is modern and classic at the same time.

Its elegant design makes it suitable for all ages, girls and women.

clock components

HANNAH MARTIN Water Resistant Women's Wrist Watch consists of a number of basic pieces:

A mineral crystal case has a size of 36 mm.

The hour markers are elegantly and distinctively designed from high quality materials.

It has a durable mesh strap that resists rust and abrasion.

Double safety buckle sealed so don't worry the watch will fall off.

Features of HANNAH MARTIN Women's Water Resistant Watch

HANNAH MARTIN Women's Water Resistant Wrist Watch Distinguished by

Other elegant and luxurious accessories, which give more comfort and suit trends

Modern fashion, especially the features of the watch include:

The watch has a Japanese quartz movement.

The watch comes with an analog display.

It has a digital window made of mineral crystal and comes in a size of 36 millimeters, so the wearer does not have to worry about reading the watch.

The design is distinguished as a starry sky and contains butterflies in a modern, classic style that is vibrant and youthful.

It resists water and does not rust, which increases the feeling of comfort and safety.

It has a sturdy clasp that resembles a jewelry clasp, which makes it beautiful.

It has indicators that express the minutes and seconds with high accuracy.

Benefits of using the watch 

It enables those who use it to determine the time with extreme accuracy.

It is a stylish and modern watch that represents one of the important accessories for every girl.

It can be given as a gift to husband or fiancee, suitable for friends gifts.

The watch is suitable for all times, it is pleasant to use in the daytime work, and is the perfect accessory for formal occasions and public and private celebrations.

How to use

A wrist watch for women from HANNAH MARTIN is used for girls and women of high society, and it is used on the wrist, so it looks impressive for everyone. It does not rust, which makes it last for a long time.

34.29 USD
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