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Handbag and shoulder bag with multicolored floral print

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Multicolored flower print handbag

Floral print handbag It is considered one of the basic bags that is an integral part of women's interests throughout the ages. Bags are considered one of the distinguished things and an accessory for any woman. This bag is distinguished by its elegant appearance and is suitable for all times. From home to be in the best picture and attractive view.

Product Introduction

It is one of the bags that has many features, and it is considered one of the modern trends that have spread in the market recently. It is characterized by different shapes and colors of rose prints that give it a lively and sparkling appearance. It is considered one of the most distinctive types, and makes you feel luxurious and elegant when you carry it.

Product description of flower print handbag

  • Bag material: leather
  • Handle: Made of Leather - Heavy Duty Metal
  • Colors: pink - cyan - burgundy - black

Product Features

  • The handbag in a floral print features a long leather strap for the ability to be hung on the shoulder, which is characterized by its elegant aesthetic shape, and a short hand that is comfortable when using and the possibility of carrying it in different ways.
  • The bag is characterized by the presence of 2 internal zippers - 1 external zipper, which increases the spaciousness of the bag and the ability to carry multiple items of makeup and other purposes.
  • It has a size that fits all the different positions of women.
  • The bag is characterized by it fits all kinds of clothes, whether it is dresses or casual clothes and other different designs.
  • The bag is suitable for all ages.
  • The bag is characterized by a combination of elegance and beauty and is very practical.

Product Warnings Floral Printed Handbag

  • Do not use hand creams on the leather of the bag, so as not to damage the bag.
  • It is not possible to use lanolin cream on the leather of the bag because it causes damage and rotting of the leather.
  • Wet wipes should not be used to remove any stains on the bag.
  • It is advised to avoid carrying a lot of things in the bag in order to avoid damaging and stretching the leather of the bag.
  • It is recommended to clean the bag periodically, but through the materials for cleaning the bags and taking into account the necessary instructions for cleaning it properly.
  • Any heavy weights inside the bag should be removed so that your spine is not affected and put more pressure on it.

How to use a hand bag with a floral print

  • Madam, you can carry the bag for all occasions and evenings, as it has a modern and practical design, you can wear it at work or in the evening.
  • Taking into account avoiding placing the bag in the sun for long periods of time, so that the skin is not affected by high temperatures, which reduces the life of the bag.
  • When carrying the bag, my lady must wear shoes that fit with it to work on increasing your elegance and beauty.
  • You should choose your personal wallet that matches the color of the bag, in order to increase your elegance.
  • Make sure to organize your bag every day so you don't waste a lot of time looking for your things.

We can say that a handbag with a flower print is excellent by all standards, characterized by many wonderful features and has many elegant colors that suit all tastes, and it is considered one of the bags that works to make your look, whether day or night, always sparkling, and is characterized by its wonderful style, which is characterized by In modern luxury, instructions and warnings must be followed to preserve life as long as possible.

*This product ships free to Saudi Arabia (5 - 11 days)

32.40 USD 53.19 USD
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