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Hair clip and comb


Hair clip and comb

A hair clip and comb produced in multiple colors and is suitable for all types of thick, light, curly and tangled hair. It is made of high quality materials so that it does not harm the hair and does not cause damage, wrinkles or pain and helps the girl to make a bun hairstyle, ponytail, or French wrapped.

Definition of a hair clip and comb

It is one of the delicate hair accessories that increases the beauty of women's hairstyle and makes them feel happy. It makes a hair clip and comb to suit all hair types. It comes with a streamlined design similar to a banana to match the curvature of the head. Its size is suitable for women who have thick hair, and it is made of good materials. And of high quality so as not to harm the scalp, but on the contrary, it helps in stimulating blood circulation, making the hair healthy and lively.

Hair clip and comb information and specifications

A comb and a hair clip consists of two basic pieces with a distinctive and elegant design, both of which are in the form of a comb that takes a simple bend to suit the rotation of the head, and between the two combs is a flexible rubber band, and the comb is made of high-quality polyester, and it has strong and thin teeth on the hair, so it does not harm it and does not harm the scalp, and helps Combing promotes blood circulation, which increases the vitality of the hair, and the clip makes the hairstyle last all day.

Hair clip and comb specifications

The hair clip and comb product comes with multiple characteristics that made many women use it for their hair, whether on official occasions or in parties, work and university, and its most important features are the following:

  • Suitable for all types of thick, thin, curly and tousled hair.
  • A distinctive and sophisticated piece of women's accessory that enhances the beauty of the hairstyle.
  • The comb has a secure clip that ensures all-day lift.
  • The comb teeth are made of soft materials that do not damage or harm the hair.
  • Suitable for day and night hairstyles and suitable for all ages of women.
  • Helps improve blood circulation to the scalp.

Product ingredients

The hair clip and comb comes with a stylish and beautiful cover, and the package contains two combs consisting of two pieces with an elastic band between them.

  • Dimensions: Comb 15.24 x 5.08 x 3.81 cm
  • Weight: 9.07 grams

Benefits of a hair clip and comb

The comb has multiple benefits, as it performs two main functions through the two combs and the rubber band connecting them. Among the most important benefits of its use are the following:

  • One of the elegant, high-end accessories to fix hair of all kinds for women.
  • It collects hair and locks it upwards when styled in a ponytail or French bun.
  • It is useful in lifting thick and light hair tightly through the clip, so that the hair does not fall on the neck, so the girl feels confident and happy all day long.
  • It maintains the hair and does not cause it to be torn or broken.
  • Very useful for curly hair and wavy hair, and is able to collect all hair no matter how thick.

Use the comb

The product is used for women of all ages, girls, business women and teenage girls. Upon receiving a hair clip and comb, it is noted that there is a rubber band between the two combs, which is characterized by being strong and designed to extend around the hair. The girl has a unique hairstyle that lasts all day long without worrying about the hair falling out or the clip falling off. The comb is sealed by the clip, which achieves pleasure and happiness, because it makes the hair stable up and increases the confidence of the woman or girl while working or receiving lectures at the university.

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