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Glass water heater for tea and coffee

31.19 USD

Glass water heater for tea and coffee

The glass water heater for tea and coffee is one of the most important modern products that allow making coffee and tea in a short time and with less effort. Multiple colors to suit all tastes, different sizes, and many designs characterized by sophistication and elegance.

product shape 

The glass water heater for tea and coffee is characterized by a simple shape in the form of a circle, surrounded by a multi-colored stainless steel metal frame. Drinks are hot, but to the point that they do not burn the mouth, so many people prefer to give it as a gift on birthdays, Mother's Day or wedding day because it is easy to use and saves time and energy.

Features of glass water heater for tea and coffee

This heater has many features that make it the most suitable choice for making hot drinks such as tea and coffee in record time, whether at home or while at work such as

The heater is made of stainless steel and anti-corrosion, which gives it a long life

The heater is equipped with a high-tech heating technology pi membrane, which allows highly efficient heating of beverages up to 60°C with great safety.

The surface of the heater is made of water-resistant materials to resist the fall of water droplets and protect it from rust.

The heater contains an indicator to adjust and distinguish the temperature consisting of three colors, where pink indicates cold temperature, blue indicates low temperature, and red indicates high temperature to allow determining the desired temperature.

The heater turns on automatically as soon as the cup touches the base of the heater, the heater starts automatically and turns off as soon as the cup is removed from the heater.

The heater turns off automatically after two hours of its last use, which makes it energy-saving

It is small in size, easy to carry and store in the narrowest of places.

The glass water heater for coffee and tea can be used in workplaces, hospitals, beauty centers or cafes to prepare coffee, tea and drinks

other hot in less time.

The heater gives you the feature to control the temperature of the prepared drink, which avoids waiting for it to cool down and also prevents the effect of high heat on the nutritional value of some


Material made of glass water heater for tea and coffee 

The heater is made of stainless steel, the heating element is made of resistant PI film and the outer surface is made of water-resistant microstainless glass, giving it an elegant look.

A distinctive design, elegant and easy to carry and use, with high efficiency in heating and controlling the temperature of drinks

· Size: Medium and convenient to put it in the kitchen or on the desk at work, and occupies a large space when storage.

· Weight: lightweight

· Color: the surface of the glass geyser shows Stalin black with a micro metal multi - steel frame colors including golden, red, blue, silver and gray.

· Type: glass water heater for tea and coffee

Usage Tips 

The following instructions must be followed to ensure that it continues to operate with the same efficiency

Make sure to clean the heater frequently using a soft towel dampened with water

It is necessary to avoid pouring water on the heater in large quantities, directly, which exposes it to damage

The need to cover the glass water heater for tea and coffee and keep it away from dust.


Keep your coffee, tea or other drink warm with this warm coffee on your desktop! It keeps your fluid very warm while keeping your hands cool until you drink it whenever you want. It is also good for heating your wax. It is lightweight that you can take to work, home, or anywhere with an outlet. There is On / Off switch on the side of the wire and a bright red "On" light. The surface is an easy-to-clean, non-stick, and soft material.


* In the indicator light

* On / off switch

* Cord length is comfortable to use almost anywhere


Product dimensions: 10.5 * 10.5 * 2.2 cm

Colors: gold, silver, blue and red

Voltage: 220V-250V, 10A

Power: 11W, frequency: 50Hz

Material: stainless steel + aluminum

Coffee, tea or warm drinks can keep about 40-55 degrees.

Cord length: 1.3 meters

Package including:

1 * water heater

1 * Power cord (also comes with a plug adapter according to your country)

1 * tea towel

1 * User manual

31.19 USD
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