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Foldable laptop stand with more than one height position to allow the device to breathe Compatible with devices 7 - 15 inches of aluminum and plastic material

24.30 USD

Laptop stand foldable and adjustable Suitable for desktop Non-slip Fits all laptops Has multiple height levels Easy to use Comfortable and fun Watch series and movies and do your work without pain in the neck

laptop stand specifications

  • Color: white / black
  • Size: Suitable for 7-15 inch laptop and tablet
  • Laptop stand with laptop stand and cooling pad
  • It has 7 levels of adjustable height
  • Non-slip silicone base

Features of the laptop stand

  • Ergonomic design The slim, compact stand raises your laptop just the right amount to the perfect eye level and prevents you from bending over your screen reducing neck and shoulder pain
  • The edge of the laptop stand is so smooth that it protects you from being scratched.
  • The ventilated laptop stand only has two stand handles but is not completely flat so there is more room to enable the heat to vent and keep your laptop from overheating.
  • You can organize your desk items like keyboard and mouse under the slim stand.

laptop stand uses

  • The desktop computer stand is entirely made of thicker aluminum alloy, so the stand is more stable and less wobbling
  • The rubber on the handle of the stand sticks firmly and ensures that the laptop rests on the stand.

The silicon rubber feet prevent the stand from sliding across the desk.

  • The laptop stand is detachable and easy to install without tools thus the lightweight laptop stand is truly portable.
  • The height and angle of this laptop stand can be adjusted for a healthy body posture to reduce neck strain or spine issues No tools needed to adjust just push or pull as you need It is also foldable for easy storage Designed handle slot for easy portability
  • The silicone pads on the bottom of the stand ensure that the laptop stand is stable when typing.
  • Specially treated aluminum alloy material, looks clean and delicate, easy to clean, rust-resistant, scratch-resistant, and ventilated hollow design, cools your computer and prevents overheating.

customer reviews

First opinion: This great and easy-to-use holder reduces neck strain amazingly

Second opinion: This product is of high quality, lightweight, does not slip on the desktop, it is really cool and easy to use

common questions

  • Does the stand design allow good ventilation for the laptop?

Yes, and the hollow design for ventilation cools your device and prevents overheating

24.30 USD
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