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20 pieces

Flying balloon game 20 pieces

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🔮 Many children prefer to play with balloons, as they are loved by adults and children, flying balloons to add more fun when playing.

🔮 The flying balloon game is an innovative game in order to add fun and excitement to children and attract them to traditional games that are not harmful to their health, unlike technological means. What children like.

Flying balloon game

It contains 20 pieces inside, which guarantees children a lot of fun. It will last with them for a long time. It is enough for a large number of children. If the balloon is inflated at the permissible rate, it is possible to play with it more than once. The flying balloon game is a balloon and A small fan consisting of three blades and a small clamping tool in order to attach the balloon to the fan and make the balloon fly in the sky.

🔮 The flying balloon game is an easy, fun and very safe game for children that does not cause them any harm or harm, and there are many children who love to play it

  • First: There is a small part that is installed in the balloon in order to install the fan in it after inflating it.
  • Second: To inflate the balloon through the fixing device, as it allows the passage of air to and from the balloon, but it must be taken into account that the balloon is inflated to the permissible limit so that the balloon does not explode and rupture.
  • Third: The fan is fixed in the balloon by placing it in the installation tool.
  • Fourth: The balloon is left and the air coming out of it will move the fan that was installed in the balloon, and the balloon will fly in the air after that.
  • Fifth: After the air inside the balloon is finished, it is inflated again and the previous steps are passed.

21.33 USD
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