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Floral Embroidered Long Walking Bag For Women

74.25 USD

Women's Long Walking Handbag Embroidered with Flowers

One of the things that draws the attention of women when shopping is the bags with their renewed and changing fashion every period, and their colors that change with the change of seasons, catching their attention and we see that each woman alone owns more than five bags, in return the man owns only one wallet, the woman with regard to clothes, shoes and bags forgets everything And you buy the bag that caught her eye, so we find fashion houses interested in the designs of modern bags, and that bags are not just a piece to carry your things with, but rather a piece of art that adorns the woman, and each bag reflects the personality and thought of the woman who carries it, and women flock to expensive bags manufactured by international brands.

Information on Floral Embroidered Long Walking Bag for Women:

♥ The bag has a chic and elegant design. It is a bag in the shape of a rectangular box, with a large capacity, equipped with two handles from the top to carry the bag in the hand and equipped with a long strap to carry it on the shoulder, and with elegant colors such as brown, black and dark burgundy, and embroidered with thread with a delicate floral pattern and leather Soft, comfortable to use, and with a wide capacity, it is divided from the inside into three large pockets, including a zippered pocket, and there is a secret pocket in it, so it is generally elegant in design.

Bag Features:

What attracts us in the bag is something that distinguishes it that we did not find in another bag. Among the features of this eye-catching bag:

♥ Material: The bag is characterized by a soft, smooth leather material that is comfortable to use, and it is decorated with metal joints from the handle and bracelet that adorn it and give it a beautiful shine.

♥ Colors: This bag is available in a wonderful burgundy color, beautiful red, black and light brown

♥ Bag design: The bag is designed for adult women, as it is more suitable for them than any other age, and its design is elegant and luxurious, which attracts the attention of this category from others, and is designed in a way that suits all places, so that women can take with them what they need from daily tools.

♥ Bag colors: We find that the colors of the bag are dark colors such as black, brown and burgundy, but the black color is the king of colors and gives elegance and elegance, in addition to the embroidered roses in light thread colors, a slight degree from the color of the bag, so the embroidery is specific and clear.

Bag capacity: The bag, as we said, is a rectangle more like a square. It is a reasonably sized bag that accommodates all your daily needs that you need. It is divided into three large pockets and a secret pocket from the inside, and there is a small zipper in the back of the bag.

♥ Closing the bag from the inside: The bag is of high quality and material, so it is difficult for you to show any defect, excessive thread or leather in the place of the manufacturing process, and it is also comfortable for its holders and will not cause you any inconvenience, madam.

When do we wear the bag:

We can wear the bag at any time, for example, family occasions, or when going to an engagement event, or gathering with friends, and also suitable when looking for a gift to give to your mother on Mother’s Day. A woman's interest, no matter how old she is, will remain an indispensable piece in its many and varied forms, and the product of the bags offered by our site is appropriate, of high quality and unique in women's taste.

74.25 USD
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