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Coffee filter to filter and make espresso coffee

13.23 USD

Want to drink coffee with purity and a special taste? The coffee filter works from impurities. Our site provides you with the best products at the lowest prices. Do not hesitate

Coffee machine filter specifications:

Material: ABS, stainless steel

Weight: 35 grams

Size: 2.55×4.72×2.95

Features of the coffee machine filter:

  • foldable coffee filter cup
  • The filter of the coffee machine gives you coffee with a distinctive flavor
  • The coffee machine filter is small and convenient, easy for you to take anywhere
  • The filter is suitable for cups of different sizes, as it is placed on the cup to add coffee
  • Easy to clean as the filter is supported by self-cleaning materials
  • The filter of the coffee machine saves the paper filter and thus reduces waste, so it is environmentally friendly
  • The filter of the coffee machine can be taken with you to anywhere, whether the office, home or clubs

Customer reviews:

The filter of the coffee machine is an excellent invention that gives the coffee an original flavor and removes all impurities

common questions

Is the coffee machine filter affected by heat?

Not affected

13.23 USD
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